Having an impressive resume might get you a job interview, but if you want to be the last candidate standing, you need an equally striking personality. Whether you’re searching for food service job opportunities or any other type of hospitality position, you need to prove you have the ability to get along with both your colleagues and guests.

No one wants to work alongside someone who is difficult to get along with, so if you don’t appear likeable in the job interview, even top credentials won’t get you hired. Use these four tips to make yourself appear more charismatic in your next job interview.

Find a Common Bond With the Interviewer

People gravitate toward others they can relate to, so prior to the meeting, do a little background research on the interviewer to find a shared connection — i.e., alma mater, hometown, favorite sports team. Find a way to covertly work this fact into conversation to strengthen your bond with the other person. These seemingly small facts will make them feel more comfortable with you, thus increasing your chances of getting hired.

Display Positive Body Language

If you’re like most people, job interviews probably make you nervous, which can inadvertently cause you to exhibit poor body language. Behaviors like crossing your arms on your chest, failing to make eye contact and offering a weak handshake make you appear closed off and uninterested in the job. Avoid this by subtly mirroring the interviewer’s body language, sending an unspoken message that you’re on the same page.

Show Enthusiasm for the Job

No one wants to hire a candidate who doesn’t appear interested in the job. Show you’re truly excited about the opportunity at-hand by remembering to smile a lot throughout the interview and providing specific reasons this particular job caught your eye. Come prepared with questions to show you’re taking the meeting seriously.

Be Polite to Everyone

When interviewing for a job, you always need to impress the hiring manager, but they’re not the only one evaluating your behavior. The best companies treat all employees equally, so they expect candidates interviewing for a job to do the same. If you’re not nice to everyone you come in contact with, word will get around and you won’t get the job.

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