The happiest time of year is upon us, but the holidays can also be very expensive. Buying gifts for your loved ones often adds up fast, but that’s no excuse to take your boss off the list.

Even if you’re seeking new room attendant job opportunities, you still need to get your supervisor something. This is a nice way to show appreciation for all they do for you and ensures you won’t look bad when your co-workers present gifts of their own. There’s no need to spend a lot, because it’s really the thought that counts.

Three Affordable Holiday Gifts for Your Supervisor

Make your boss feel all warm and fuzzy with these brilliant — yet affordable — gift ideas.

Homemade Baked Goods

Store-bought items are nice, but homemade gifts have a personal touch that can’t be duplicated. Save money and give your boss a truly unique gift by stepping into your kitchen and whipping up a batch of delicious baked goods. If you have a secret family recipe — i.e., your grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies — put it to work. Your supervisor will be touched that you took the time and effort to bake just for them.

Thank You Note

Holding a managerial role can be a thankless job. Let your boss know how much you appreciate everything they do for you by presenting them with a handwritten thank you note. List a few specific things you learned from them this year and/or instances when they had your back in the face of adversity. This note will mean more to them than a pricey gift ever could. Chances are, they’ll hold onto it for years to come.

Beverage of Choice

Being the boss is hard work, so help your supervisor wind down by giving them a bottle of their beverage of choice. Great bottles of both wine and spirits can be found for $25 or less, so ask the liquor store clerk for a budget-friendly recommendation that’s rated highly.

If your boss isn’t a drinker, buy them a pound of gourmet coffee, fancy loose-leaf tea or some decadent hot chocolate mix. Drinking something a little special will brighten their day, and they’ll have you to thank.

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