Some days you walk into work and soar through your task list, but other require a little — or maybe a lot of — extra effort. If today is one of those days where you’re having trouble accomplishing anything, don’t fret.

At some point, everyone suffers from a lack of energy, but recognizing this is the first step. At LGC Hospitality, one of the top hospitality employment agencies, we know you want to make the most of your day, and it definitely isn’t too late to get back on track.

Five Ways to Salvage an Unproductive Day at Work

Make a List

Sometimes all it takes is a game plan of sorts to zap the energy back into your system. The simple act of making a list of everything you want to complete before the end of the day might be all it takes to kick you back into high gear. Checking completed tasks off a list is exhilarating, and you’re not the kind of person who is content leaving for the day until you’ve completed everything you’ve set out to accomplish.

Take a Break

If you’ve been checked out most of the day, taking a break might seem like the last thing you need, but it can help. Take a walk around the block, get a cup of coffee or give yourself a few minutes to browse the Internet. Allowing yourself not to think about work for a bit will leave you feeling refreshed, so when you return, you’ll be ready to focus.

Change Settings

Monotony can easily put a damper on your productivity, so if possible, switch things up by seeking a change of scenery. This might involve taking a project you’re working on to a different part of the office or asking your boss for permission to help someone in another area for awhile. New surroundings should re-energize you back into your productive self.

Break Large Tasks Down

Tackling a large project is hard work, so at least part of your inefficiency might be due to feeling overwhelmed. Kickstart your productivity by breaking the project down into smaller pieces that make it seem less daunting. Before you know it, you’ll have made a serious dent in your workload.

Switch Your Focus

Sometimes you just can’t get excited about a particular task. If it doesn’t have to be completed today, put it aside and accomplish something else. This way, you’re still getting something done, and when you do finally complete the task in question, you’ll de better work, because you’ll be in a better mindset for it.

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