At LGC, we’re motivated by tales of career development and success – especially when it involves our employees. In this series, we’ll be sharing stories from managers at LGC and how they’ve moved up the ladder. Hopefully, you’ll read something that inspires you to join our team and create a story of your own. 

Coaching on and off the field 

Although Angelica Twigg has been working full time at LGC since May 2017, she currently has three jobs: Recruitment Supervisor, varsity softball coach, and mother. Regardless of her full schedule, Angelica has made a huge impact on LGC in the two and a half year she’s been on the team.  

Angelica moved to Indianapolis when she was just five years old from a small farm town northwest of the cityAfter attending Indiana State University, her first job out of college was at Donato’s Pizza. Eventually she started at the Indiana Childrens Bureau (ICB), where she worked on a hotline helping answer questions about adoption and the CCDF (Child Care and Development Fund)During her time at the ICB, she found an opportunity on Indeed for a position at LGC to work in the call center, conducting candidate screens and phone interviews. Thanks to her previous experience in customer service and hospitality, she was hired. From there, her career took off.  

One year into her employment she was promoted to Senior Call Center Representative, working directly under the supervisor. As LGC grew, Angelica took on more responsibility when the call center transitioned to the recruitment departmentIn February 2019, she was promoted to Recruitment Supervisor. Currently the department is a mix of recruitment and call center, making great customer service and an eye for detail crucial requirements for her team 

Despite the challenges she faces recruiting candidates for 35 cities across the country, Angelica loves being a leader and the ability to guide her team. She’s excited for the future of LGC, interested in learning about different departments while growing her experience in recruitment – hoping to add “director” to her title in the future. Having interacted with hundreds of candidates over the past couple years, she has some advice for job seekers: “Be as professional and honest as possible. Keep in mind [businesses] are looking at your resume, so it should give an accurate portrayal of your experience and a good first impression. And show up to interviews!”  

Outside of work, Angelica’s life is just as busy. During softball season at Pike High School, she leaves from LGC to coach the varsity teamBeing an athlete her whole life, she’s passionate about the sport and plays with a softball team on Wednesday during the warmer weather in addition to coaching. One aspect of her life she’s most proud of is her family. Angelica is a mom to three-year-old son Phoenix and a baby girl due in February, while also planning a wedding for November of this year.  

On her experience with LGC, Angelica says “It’s the strongest family focused environment I’ve ever worked in. From the first day I started working here, I’ve always felt like part of the team.”  

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