Working in the food service industry requires the perfect blend of experience and personality. When we think of our favorite restaurant worker, what characteristics come to mind? You might be thinking of words like knowledgeable, friendly, or versatile –– which are all traits managers look for.  

With many of us are forced to stay at home for health and safety reasons, now’s the time to build your hospitality skills. (Disclaimer: No one should feel obligated to do anything during a pandemic but to stay safe and healthyWe encourage you to do what’s right for yourself, and if that’s growing your skills, read on!) In this post we’ll cover a few ways to help grow your hospitality skills in your free time.  

1. Get certified
There are numerous certifications for restaurant industry employees that will help you grow in your position or prepare you for a new one (think transitioning from server to bartender). If you’ve been certified, make sure you’re up to date before you head back to work. Check out this website that lists training certificates by state.  

2. Memorize recipes
This tip is particularly useful for bartenders and cooks but can be used by anyone who works with the same menu regularly or is simply interested in building their food and beverage knowledge. Here are some helpful links:  

Bartender’s Guide to the Most Popular Bar Drinks
40 Basic Recipes Every Cook Should Know by Heart 

Don’t forget, Google and YouTube are your friend!  

3. Learn something new
If you’ve been interested in cross training or working in a new position, now’s the time! If you’ve always wanted to bartend, get a pour spout and practice pouring different ounces, or learn how to create popular drinks. If cooking is more in your wheelhouse, practice at home for yourself or whoever you’re quarantined with. You can also think outside the box and learn something that will improve your current positionfor example, learning a new language.