Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s hospitality in the news topic: what positions to outsource in the hospitality industry.  

In the hospitality industry, it’s not uncommon for bars, restaurants, and hotels to partner with a staffing firm to help fulfill their hiring needs. And why shouldn’t they? Temporary employees bring a new perspective to your team, have a variety of skills, and can be requested on an ‘as-needed’ basis to match your labor costs with fluctuating revenue flows. Plus, partnering with a staffing firm reduces the time you put towards hiring – meaning you can redirect that energy towards an activity that will build your revenue. Below, we’ll talk about what positions to outsource in the hospitality industry and why those positions are a good fit.  

What Positions to Outsource in the Hospitality Industry 

At LGC, our staffing expertise is rooted in the hospitality industry, because that’s where we got our start almost twenty years ago. For that reason, we know what positions can easily be filled with temporary workers. Some of these include:  

Bussers and dishwashers. Because these positions often have similar responsibilities from business to business, it’s not too difficult for employees to hop in when needed. Just make sure you clearly define the responsibilities (like whether they need to use an industrial dishwasher) when communicating your request.  

Hosts. Placing temporary employees as hosts can be a bit more challenging because they need to feel comfortable with the floor plan; that’s why we suggest pairing a temporary host with a full/part-time host who knows the ins and outs of your restaurant.  

Servers, bartenders, and cooks. While these positions can be outsourced, it’s extra important to communicate whether they need to know the menu or not. If so, providing the menu up front (ideally with a day or two advanced notice) will make the transition easier for the temporary workers. Many of the temporary staff assigned in this category also have experience with a variety of “Point of Sale” (POS) software programs learned from previous assignments. Like the host position, it’ll be beneficial to pair these positions with an experienced employee in case they need help or have questions.  

Managers. Some staffing partners, like LGC, can also make direct hire placements which translate well when hiring managers. This is one of the biggest benefits of utilizing a staffing firm. Our executive recruiters work with you to create a customized hiring plan so you can find the right candidate(s). Unlike some of the other positions mentioned, managers typically don’t need to arrive on day one knowing everything about the business – they learn as they go through training. By going the direct hire route, you can reduce turnover and take some of the time-consuming activities related to hiring off your plate.  

Temporary employees can bring a fresh perspective to your business and open the talent pool of available candidates. By knowing what positions to outsource in the hospitality industry, you can ease some of the staffing woes you may be facing right now. If you’re looking for a reliable and industry-experienced staffing partner, contact LGC to learn more.