Gourds, ghouls, and pumpkin pies, OH MY! With summer over, it’s time to chill – Happy Fall y’all! (We apologize in advance for all the fall puns, we’re just being acorn-y with our obsession for fall!) What’s on your Fall bucket list?

If you’re still reading, you must for some fun things to add to your fall bucket list. Between life, school, work, and kids time seem to pass us by. Before you know it, the holidays are over with! Don’t worry, we’ve put together the ultimate fall to-do list for you. We asked our LGC crew what their favorite fall activities are and be-leaf us, these are some gourd ones! 

10 Things to Add to Your Fall Bucket List According to the LGC Crew

1. Visit a local orchard 

Orchards are a must during the fall season. Not only does it give you the chance to support local businesses, but also gives you the opportunity to cross multiple activities off your fall bucket list! Where you live might impact the type of activities that are available at your local orchards. Use this local orchard locator to find one near you! 

2. Attend a fall festival! 

There are so many festivals that take place during Fall. These include fall festivals, Oktoberfest (usually during September!), harvest festivals, and so much more! 

3. Warm up around a bonfire! 

Grab a cup of apple cider, pumpkin spice, or hot chocolate, and enjoy the cold nights warming up next to a bonfire! 

4. Baking through the seasons! 

Cold weather and baking go hand in hand. Did you know that, apple pie is the most baked dish during the fall season? Combine two fall activities into one, go apple picking then use the apples for your pie! We’ve found the most a-peel-ing apple pie recipe for you

5. Go on a hayride! 

Think back to the last time you’ve been on a hayride. It’s been a while, right? Be sure you add it to your bucket list and if you like all things scary, – try a haunted hayride this year! 

6. Get lost in a corn/sunflower maze 

Getting lost in a maze isn’t always corny, it can be fun too! Use this corn maze locator and find one near you!

7. Go to a pumpkin patch! 

Going to a pumpkin patch isn’t just for kids, adults need to find the best pumpkin to carve too. Before your toss out your pumpkin guts (seeds) you can make an easy and healthy fall snack – roasted pumpkin seeds!  

8. Be a good sport   

Whether you’re a football, soccer, or hockey fan, It’s a great season for sports! Grab your jacket, friends, and head to a game! 

9. Halloween Party 

Gather your ghoul and goblin friends and throw a party! One of our employees throws an annual Halloween-themed party. “The first theme was “A Soup-ernatural Evening with the Maxwell’s” featuring a soup bar, and this year’s theme is “A Purgatory Pizza Party at the Maxwell’s.” – Brianna Maxwell 

10. Friendsgiving

Sometimes Thanksgiving can be stressful, especially when you’re hosting it. Try throwing a Friendsgiving party this year – invite over your closest friends and have everyone bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish. Having your friends bring food over as well allows you, the host to be less stressed and enjoy your evening! 

The LGC crew is looking forward to an a-maize-ing fall! And we know you’ll fall in love with these seasonal activities from our Fall bucket list. If you try any of our ideas, be sure to tag us in any of your fall activities on Instagram – @LGCStaffing!