Now Introducing Hospitality In the News

With so much going on in the hospitality industry, we realized the need to create one central place to find all the relevant news affecting bars, restaurants, and hotels.

The Hospitality in the News magazine is a collection of articles from the blog series of the same name, featuring new articles (just about) every week that tackle important industry topics. If you enjoy the magazine, be sure to subscribe to the LGC blog to receive alerts and updates. Don’t miss out on the news you need to know.

Issue 9 | 3.2024

Issue 8 | 7.2023

Issue 7 | 11.2022

Issue 6 | 7.2022

Issue 5 | 3.2022

Issue 4 | 9.2021

Issue 3 | 5.2021

Issue 2 | 1.2021

Issue 1 | 10.2020

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