Building long-lasting partnerships since 2003.

LGC places temporary and permanent staff with clients (like you!) nationwide to fill open positions on their team. During our partnership, we’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and put a plan in place to accomplish your hiring goals. 

Tried-and-true staffing solutions.

With 20 years in staffing and recruiting, we understand the importance of having the right employees in place. After all, they’re crucial to the success of your business. That’s why LGC is committed to building partnerships that last – so you can rely on us for your hiring needs whenever they may arise. When you work with LGC, you’ll have access to the people you need to build or augment your team. 

Let us help.

LGC will handle time-consuming and costly tasks such as recruiting, screening, hiring, and employee management. Not only that, but because LGC is the Employer of Record, we cover payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, and other responsibilities related to managing a team. 

LGC partners with a variety of clients across the country. Because of that, we have what it takes to fill a range of positions in multiple sectors. We’re rooted in hospitality; but through our staffing divisions, we also service industries such as retail, warehousing, merchandising, concessions, special events, facilities, environmental, and more.

How It Works

During your partnership with LGC, you’ll be connected to a local Staffing Manager that will assess your hiring needs. Our range of staffing solutions allow for everything from one-off shifts to month-long assignments to adding a full-time member to your team.

Once we understand exactly what – and who – you’re looking for, your local branch will get started on matching the right employees to your assignment. Not only will we make sure they have appropriate experience, but we’ll check that they’re a good culture fit as well. LGC clients benefit by delegating the following tasks to our team:


Our team will work with you to learn about your staffing needs. We’ll find all the employees you need by tapping into LGC’s nationwide network of industry professionals and our curated list of recruiting platforms.


During the interview process, it’s crucial to ensure candidates have great soft skills and experience. Our time-tested interview process allows us to confidently send you workers knowing they’ll get the job done.


Prompt and thorough onboarding is key to engaging and retaining a workforce. LGC guarantees that our employees are correctly classified, meaning there’s no risk for our clients come tax season.


We’re responsible for everything involved with employee management. We take it a step further by putting the same importance on building long-lasting relationships with our workforce to ensure success.

Which solution is right for you?

LGC’s suite of staffing solutions includes two primary services: temporary and permanent placements. Temporary placements are the perfect option for businesses who need to staff up for events, adapt to seasonal demand, or manage unexpected absences. Permanent placements offer the opportunity to directly hire team members ranging from entry level to C-suite executives. Falling in between both solutions is our temp-to-hire option. Temp-to-hire allows you to make sure a candidate meets your exact standards before making an offer and takes the risk out of hiring hourly employees.

LGC Solutions
Looking for great talent
Events & high flux/seasonal business needs
Extra coverage for vacations of full time employees
Last minute call offs & no call no shows
Issues with high turnover
Wanting to test out a candidate to ensure they fit with the team
Looking to add a permanent member of the team
You have had a position open for a long time
Do not have time to source & screen the candidates
Not sure where to find top talent or have the network to do so
Afraid to make a bad hire that can cost a lot of money
Temp to Hire

Temp is right
for me!

Temp to hire
is right for me!

Perm is right
for me!

Frequently asked questions.

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Then contact us!

Where does LGC find its’ candidates?
Over the past twenty years, we’ve learned to look outside the box when searching for great candidates. While we still use popular job posting sites, LGC also taps into our nationwide network to grow our team. This may involve referrals, community outreach, or various partnerships. We know that incredible candidates can exist anywhere and get creative when it’s time to recruit.
Can I hire your employees?
We pride ourselves on having amazing employees and understand when clients want to bring them onboard as part of their permanent team. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for the worker. Our temp-to-hire option allows you to convert the employee to your team after hour requirements are met.
Can you fill _____ position?
As LGC has grown, we’ve expanded into new industries that better accommodate our clients’ requests. Because of that, we can fill most (if not all) positions in the hospitality/foodservice, retail, warehousing, concessions/facility management, and environmental industries. If your position doesn’t fall into one of those categories, fill out our contact page and we’ll reach out.
What is involved in your recruiting process?

At the top of the funnel, candidates come in from a few different places. Once their resumes are reviewed, they’re screened and interviewed to assess whether they’re a good fit for LGC and our clients. If they are, we walk them through the onboarding process and get them set up on their first shift.  


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LGC’s team is built by diverse individuals who are passionate about developing long-lasting relationships between clients and candidates. We strive to create an inclusive work environment within our local communities allowing for more professional connections, economic empowerment, and respect for all. Together we are changing the staffing industry; one placement at a time.