Empowering Employees, Enhancing Client Services.

Stay Organized

Employees can seamlessly pick up shifts directly from the app and sync their calendars to avoid overlaps, while clients can place orders effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Stay Connected

Employees receive real-time updates on the latest shift openings, ensuring they stay informed and engaged. Clients benefit from job order tracking capabilities, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction.

Stay Valued

We prioritize relationships and value each person beyond being just a user. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional service means we’ll always be there for you. Let’s build a strong partnership together.


Designed with You

in Mind

Our user-friendly platform simplifies the process, giving you a range of shifts specifically to align with your unique skills and preferred location. This personalized approach guarantees a perfect match every time you log in. Our flexible scheduling options are crafted to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle, providing you with the freedom and convenience to work when you want!

StaffNow brings LGC’s tech forward while still allowing our relationship model with both employees and clients to continue.

George Lessmeister, CEO


Tech-Boosted, People-Powered

While StaffNow streamlines some staffing tasks, it’s crucial to understand that it can never replace the personalized service you receive through our partnership with LGC. Although technology enriches your experience, our core focus remains cultivating strong relationships with you and our workforce. We remain committed to our trusted hiring and staffing methods, guaranteeing the highest level of service and support tailored specifically for you.

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