There are so many reasons workers love LGC. We can tell you, but why not hear from our incredible workforce?

Because of the pandemic, more and more people are turning to part-time work. Having a part-time job can provide multiple benefits. It’s a great way to make extra cash, and allows you to learn new skills and prioritize your work life balance.  

LGC has been helping job seekers nationwide find great employment opportunities since 2003. (We celebrate our 20-year anniversary in May!) There are so many reasons workers love LGC and choose us as their preferred staffing partner – whether it’s for part-time work and temporary jobs or when seeking permanent employment through our direct hire division.  

11 Reasons Workers Love LGC

We could tell you about all the reasons workers love LGC, but why don’t we let you tell them yourself? Check out some of the testimonials from 2022:  

“LGC is a temporary company that caught my attention with their client list. Hotels, universities, elevated dining…apply, they will hook you up.” – Clyde, San Antonio 

Ryan and Chris are the best. Nice guys. No problem getting paid either.” – Denise, Tampa 

“First off, I want to say I love LGC. They helped me in a time of need. Paperwork was no hassle, finding me work & sending me out was no problem. Lori & David are awesome people. Go check them out, they will get you right. I most definitely give this place 5 stars.” – Brittney, Cincinnati  

“I haven’t been working with LGC for long, but I already love it! They give you plenty of opportunities to make extra money and the pay is nice! I work through Ms. Tori majority of the time, she’s really nice and understanding. I look forward to working with LGC in the future.”
– Princess, Cincinnati 

“Great management team and good pay. Always have new work. Gladly refer people to LGC.”
– Nick, Detroit

“I have worked for LGC hospitality for over 8 months now and it has been nothing short of a very good experience. I feel extremely valued by the staff/leadership. They are extremely flexible and have been very reliable with work. There are plenty of opportunities to grow with the company, it’s a very friendly environment, and I have had the most exciting experiences working at different event sites. I’m excited about my future with the company!” – Dej, Dallas

“I love this agency…they keep you working all the time …all the jobs I’ve had [were] in different places (hospitals, concerts, warehouses, car shows, some Austin gigs) and have been great paying jobs.” – Jacqueline, Houston 

“I had a very positive experience with LGC. I worked for the company for 2 years and they ultimately led me to my new job I am working at now.” – Jerad, Portland 

Great place and people to work for and make some good money!! Definitely a great company to work for!!” – Leeann, Dallas

“I love working here, the pay is good and the communication with the managers is great, one of the best easy jobs I’ve worked for so far.” – Slim, Dallas 

“I love this company! Worked with them for some time now and have always been paid on time and they communicate with me very well.” – Courtney, Dallas 

Now that you know some of the reasons workers love LGC, you can get started on filling out your application. LGC can help job seekers find great work opportunities in multiple industries. If you’re looking for a temporary/part-time job or a change in your career, contact us today to learn how we can help. reasons workers love lgc.