This year, LGC is celebrating 20 years in hospitality staffing with 20 years in review. May of 2023 marked the 20th anniversary of LGC, and we asked our CEO, George Lessmeister, his thoughts. Here’s what he had to say about the last 20 years, this 20th year, and the next 20 years of LGC.

20 Years in Review – LGC’s Impressive Evolution in Hospitality Staffing

What stood out to you this year, and what have you learned from this year in terms of LGC?

George: This year there’s been a lot of reflection in thinking about the people that we’ve worked with over the years. The successes, the impact that we’ve made in people’s lives and that they’ve made in ours. I think that’s very important to understand in a staffing dynamic. It’s not just what we try to provide people in terms of our opportunities, it’s about what they teach us and what we get from that. So, I think there’s a good development of that interpersonal relationship. And I think if I reflect back it’s the interpersonal relationships that we’ve developed that have meant the most to us, working for LGC, and I think that’s something we look forward to maintaining as this company goes forward.

How does that lesson in interpersonal relationships compare to what you’ve learned over the last 20 years?

George: We’ve always been focused on that. If you look at when the company first started, that was a big part of it. We were here trying to help people get opportunities in different venues based on their skills. Our other objective was to make sure the clients received the talent they required to have success with their event or move themselves forward. So, it’s always been a forward-thinking mentality. You know how do we move people’s careers forward? How do we help our clients move forward with success in terms of their events and other things.

Where do you see the next 20 years going? What are your hopes and dreams for the future of LGC?

George: Well, I think that the aspect of staffing is always going to be dependent upon the relationship you have with the clients and the candidates. There may be some introductions of… I do think the relationship remains the same, it’s very important, because it’s not like we’re placing a new table in a restaurant or new table setting or new ice machine. We’re actually placing and working with humans, and all of us have things we’re great at and things we’re deficient at, and our job is to figure out where people are the best and be able to put them in situations where they have the most opportune chance to be successful long term. And I think it’s continuing to develop those relationships. There may be some other tech that comes into things, but for the most part that relationship aspect is never going to go away. I think if anything, we’re going to keep working on improving that and being the best we can for our clients and our staff.

After 20 years, LGC is beyond grateful for all of the relationships that have been established and that continue to grow.  We are looking forward to another 20 years of industry-leading hospitality staffing.