St. Patrick’s Day is a month behind us now, but don’t worry it’s not too late to go green. In our April blog series, EnviroInsights, we are exploring everything sustainability. Last week, we looked at tangible ways you can improve your carbon footprint right in your office or at home. This week, we’re going to discuss the business side of switching to a sustainable way of life.  

At the beginning of this year, we mapped out our predictions for the 2024 staffing trends, one of which was zero consumer. Part of this prediction included people being increasingly concerned about companies reaching net zero

What is net zero 

It refers to reducing the amount of carbon emissions so that the amount produced is equal to the amount removed, achieving a net zero sum of emissions in the atmosphere.  

With businesses starting to make strides towards net zero by 2050, going green is high on the list of priorities for employers to consider. Making production adjustments is a large effort but will help your business overall. 

Businesses commit to increasing sustainability by setting a goal to reach net zero.

Here are 3 reasons why switching to a sustainable business strategy will help you in significant ways:

1. It is Cost Effective 

When you start to implement the changes to make your office or workplace more sustainable, (reducing paper usage, using less energy and water, saving money on single-use items, etc.) you will see more money in your pocket for these things that you no longer need. Going digital means, no more purchasing paper in bulk for the printers or paying someone to come fix the copier. Using less energy and water by turning lights and sinks off means a lower water and electricity bill. These slight changes can have a significant impact on both the environment and your business.  

You can also receive governmental support for eco-friendly practices. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) offer certain tax incentives for implementing sustainable efforts. For example, if you own the building, you work out of, you could claim the Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings deduction just by changing the interior lighting systems, heating and cooling, or the building envelope. If you put the effort in to become an eco-friendlier business, you could be rewarded with federal and state tax deductions or credits.

2. It Attracts and Retains Employees 

A study by Nielsen shows that 81% of global consumers think that companies should play a part in helping the environment. A different study showed that for 70% of participants, a company having a solid sustainable strategy would affect whether employees stay at the company long-term. Sustainability matters to people, and it matters to your employees.  

Not only will having a plan to go green attract talent to your organization, but it will also cultivate reasons to stay with your company for longer. In the next ten years, Millennials and a fraction of Gen Z will make up most of the workforce. If you want to get ahead of the changing demographics, switching to sustainable practices will give you a leg up in the talent pool.  

3. It Increases Brand Credibility 

30 years ago, social and environmental responsibility in business was just a bonus. Today, it’s essential. More than ever, not only do employees care deeply about the values and ethics of the companies they work for, but consumers care deeply about who they’re buying products from.  

Having a strong sustainability strategy in place for your business can solidify your credibility as a brand. Let’s take an example.  

Apple, one of the largest companies in the world, has committed to working towards becoming 100% carbon neutral by 2030, according to CNBC. This dedication to sustainability gives them a competitive advantage and makes people feel good about buying their products. They know they’re not only getting an exciting piece of tech, but investing in the environment. Compared to a brand that won’t be 100% carbon neutral, there’s less of a chance that people will buy from them, especially when most consumers are people that want companies to be more eco-friendly. 

Going green might sound like a lot of work, and it is, but it’s not for nothing. It will help your business and the Earth at the same time. 2 years ago, LGC added our EnviroStaff division to help environmental companies find the people they need on their teams. In helping companies fill positions with talented environmental professionals using our 20 years of networking experience, we have been supporting sustainable efforts through real people and real efforts. Whether you need people in the lab or in the field, talk to an EnviroStaff recruiter today for all your environmental staffing needs!


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About EnviroStaff 

EnviroStaff is a division of LGC that focuses on making placements in the environmental industry. We build partnerships with clients to fill open positions on their team and have recruiting capabilities within multiple markets throughout the U.S. Working closely together, EnviroStaff will recruit environmental industry professionals based on your job description and requirements. By making direct hire placements, EnviroStaff can help clients save time and money often associated with recruiting.