If you work at a hotel, finding ways to impress your hotel manager is a great opportunity to stand out from your coworkers in hopes to grow your career and make professional advancements.

3 Ways to Impress Your Hotel Manager

Working at a hotel is great for those looking for experience in hospitality or looking to further a management career. With the hotel industry reaching a revenue of $200 billion in the U.S. in 2018, there’s no shortage of opportunity for hospitality professionals to find short- or long-term work.

Not only does the hotel industry continue to grow year by year, it also offers a variety of positions in the front-of-house (servers, bartenders, runners) and back-of-house (cooks, dishwashers, porters), at the front desk, and for special events or banquets.  

Once you’ve landed a job at a hotelthe real fun begins. You’ll get to meet guests from across the country and work with some of the most dedicated professionals in the industry. In most cases there will be opportunity for growth and the possibility of learning a new skill. But, as it is with most jobs, the success if your employment relies on you. We put together three easy ways to impress your hotel manager no matter what position you’re working in.  

Follow the 10/5 rule
The 10/5 rule was made popular by restaurant managers, although it can apply to any industry. The rule states that when guests are within 10 feet, the employee should acknowledge them with eye contact and a smile. When the guest is within 5 feet, the employee should offer a greeting or friendly acknowledgement alongside the eye contact and smile. Following this rule will ensure all guests feel appreciate and welcomed to the hotel. Plus, it’s super easy to do.  

Pre-bus, pre-bus, pre-bus
“Pre-bussing” refers to the practice of removing dirty or empty plates, utensils, and cups from a guests table once they’re finished with them, prior to the guest leaving. This process lets the guest know you’re attentive, helps keep their space free from unnecessary items, and makes the cleanup process at the end of the meal more efficient. Like the 10/5 rule, pre-bussing can be done by any member of the team from the busser (whose main job is to bus tables) to the general manager. Showing this initiative is one of the key ways to impress your hotel manager. 

Clean as you go
Cleaning is an integral duty when working in hospitality, oftentimes being delegated to the beginning or the end of the shift. By making it a priority to clean throughout your shift (even if it’s something as small as picking up a napkin), you’ll save yourself time and help ensure the venue is neat and tidy. A good rule to follow is always pick up garbage within an arm’s length away – quick and easy.  

Though these tasks are simple and not very time consuming, they’ll make all the difference in your guests’ experience, your shift, and how the rest of the team views you. When your manager notices you putting in the extra effort, they’ll know your committed to your job and think of you when the time comes for a promotion. Use these easy ways to impress your hotel manager and we promise they’ll make a difference. 


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