Are there ways to enjoy summer even when you’re stuck working all season?

Who doesn’t love summer? Longer days, warm nights, laying out by the pool… and work! Oh yeah, you still have work in the summer. While it can be hard to be stuck in an office during the warmer months, there are also plenty of ways to still feel like you’re on summer vacation. Here are 5 ways to enjoy summer when you work a 9-5 job: 

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer When You Work a 9-5 Job

Save PTO 

Take advantage of your paid time off (PTO), you have it for a reason! Summer is a great time to take some days away from work. Consider planning your PTO around holidays (like the Fourth of July) so you can have a few extra days off. Before planning your PTO, be sure to schedule it when you aren’t super busy – you don’t want to come back overwhelmed. And always check with your manager when making your request.  

Make fun weekend plans 

Make the most of your weekends by planning fun activities or outings. Explore nearby parks, beaches, hiking trails, or other outdoor recreational areas. You can also organize picnics, BBQs, or day trips with friends or family.  

Make plans after work 

In the summer, it stays light out for so long. Make the most of the longer daylight hours during summer. After work, engage in activities that you enjoy, such as cycling, jogging, swimming, or playing sports. This will help you unwind, stay active, and enjoy the pleasant weather. Suggest after work drinks with friends or co-workers somewhere outside.  

Take lunch outside or go out somewhere 

Make it a habit to take breaks and enjoy your lunch outdoors. Find a nearby park or green space where you can eat your lunch, take a walk, or simply soak up some sunshine. This small change can help you recharge and add some summer vibes to your workday.  

Bike or walk to work 

If you are fortunate enough to live within walking distance of work, take advantage of that! There’s something so peaceful about being outside in the morning and seeing the sun come up. Not only do you get to enjoy the weather, but you get some exercise, you’re saving gas, and it helps the planet! So many advantages.      

Remember, enjoying summer is not just about taking long vacations but also finding joy in the small moments and activities that make the season special. Incorporate these suggestions into your routine, and you’ll be able to enjoy summer when you work a 9-5 job.