As a gig worker, you’re in charge of your own success (for the most part). In order to have a great shift, there are things every gig worker needs to have in their bag.

In the past couple years, more and more people have joined the gig economy – whether it’s in a full-time or part-time capacity – as a means of making money or growing their careers. This diverse workforce is made up of 57 million people nationwide and can be found in virtually every industry and position 

At LGCwe employ gig workers across the country, connecting them with clients in hospitality, retail, and events, to work a variety of shifts. We’ve had the opportunity to staff thousands of events so we know a little bit about what it takes to be successful as a gig worker. In this post, we’ll be sharing seven must haves every gig worker needs in their bag to help ensure a successful shift.  

7 Things Every Gig Worker Needs in Their Bag

Clear bag/backpack
First, if you don’t carry a small bag to work (employer permitting), you should consider doing so. Shifts can be long or have requirements that might not necessarily fit in your pockets. Second, why the clear bag? Having a clear bag is often required when working at large events for safety reasons and if you already own one, you’ll be ready to pick up a shift at a game or concert. Now, what to put in the clear bag? How about… 

Small notepad + pen
You never know when you’ll need to take a quick note or write down your hours, so having a small notepad and pen or pencil can really come in handy. Although smart phones these days have a note feature, it’s not always possible to take it out on a shift; save yourself the possible hassle and find something small you can keep in your pocket.  

If you can’t have your smart phone out, you’ll be thankful for having a watch on. If you’re not a ‘watch person’, find something inexpensive that’ll do the trick when you’re on a shift.  

Non-slip shoes
Non-slip shoes have rubber roles and can stop you from sliding around when the ground is wet or haoil or grease on it. They are typically a requirement when working in hospitality or food service but can be useful in any position where you may be walking through a warehouse, coming from outside often, or just want a sturdy pair of shoes. They can be a little pricey but are worth the investment especially if you’re working hospitality shifts. This item can make a huge difference in your safety and is definitely one of the things every gig worker needs. 

Snack + water
Whether it’s for your commute or your break, having a snack with you can be a life saver during a busy day. Try items high in fiber or protein to keep you fuller for longer.  

Phone charger
You never want to be stuck with a dead phone after work, so throw a phone charger (extra points if it’s portable!) in your bag just in case you need it. Remember that not all clients will allow you to charge your phone and you should ask before doing so.  

Photo ID
Most people carry identification on them, but not all. For some clients/positions, it’s absolutely vital to show a photo ID before entering the premises, and you don’t want to miss out on working a shift for that reason.  

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Make your workday a little bit easier by thinking ahead and picking up these things every gig worker needs – you’ll thank yourself later 

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