You’re a bright, ambitious professional with a lot to offer any team. Whatever your career path involves, you have what it takes to rise up and become a leader. Of course, knowing exactly how to move to the front of the pack requires careful planning, because missteps can hurt your credibility.

Boasting about your accomplishments or gaining the reputation of a know-it-all will cause colleagues to steer clear of you, instead of earning their respect. Find out how to become a leader your team needs.

Four Ways to Showcase Your Expertise to Become a Leader
  • Share innovative ideas. Talking about past accomplishments won’t get you very far. Your team is in the present, so they need a leader who can make things happen right now. Prove you’re that person by suggesting innovative ideas and leading the charge to make them happen. Talk is cheap, but results speak for themselves.
  • Encourage others. If you’re focused solely on your own performance, people will — rightfully — assume you’re only out for yourself. Great leaders take pride in helping others realize their own potential. When people get down, encourage them to keep moving forward. Help everyone see how their little piece of the puzzle fits into the big picture of the team’s overall success – this is how you become a leader.
  • Admit your failures. Everyone on your team is well aware you’re not perfect, because no one is. Earn their respect by owning your mistakes and taking the time to figure out where you went wrong. Not only will this inspire others to do the same, they’ll also relate to your humility and consider you a great role model.
  • Make success a team win. The old phrase “There’s no I in team” is a little cheesy, but every good leader knows it’s true. When you experience a personal win, frame it as a team victory, because it is. If success is acknowledged as a group effort, employees are much more likely to band together and help one another.

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