At LGC, we’re motivated by tales of career development and success – especially when it involves our employees. In this series, we’ll be sharing stories from managers at LGC and how they’ve moved up the ladder. Hopefully you’ll read something that inspires you to join our team and create a story of your own.  

Read One Manager’s Career Development Journey with LGC

Sean Hoover has had an exciting couple of years; Father to a now almost one-year old son, seeing Beyoncé at Coachella, and most recently, a promotion to Regional Perm Director at LGC. But like many of his colleagues, Sean’s journey with LGC started at grassroots in Denver 2012.  

Sean was originally hired to come in on Saturdays and help staff baseball games in Denver. As time went on, he started working in the office and assisting with check-ins while picking up serving and bartending shifts on the side. Over the next two years, he proved his value to the team as he worked his way up the ranks to Staffing Manager. Shortly thereafter, an opportunity came knocking: relocate to Chicago to become the Branch Manager. This opportunity is one of Sean’s favorite memories with LGC, saying “…being recognized for my efforts was amazing. I had never lived anywhere but Colorado, so experiencing the big city was awesome.”  

After several years in the Midwestoverseeing Chicago and several other cities as Area Manager, Sean decided it was time for a change – he and his partner wanted to have a baby. Because of LGC’s strong commitment to family, Sean was able to transfer back to Colorado and continue overseeing his Midwest locations as newly promoted Area Director.  

After the birth of his son, Sean was approached by CEO George Lessmeister about helping build LGC’s perm division, focused on offering direct hiring solutions to clients. Not only would this be a great business venture for the company, it would offer Sean more flexibility in his schedule and less traveling to support help support his newborn. “That’s one great thing about LGC,” he says. “It’s such a family network here and everyone is so supportive.”  

While he’s Regional Perm Director at LGC, at home he’s known as Beyoncé’s biggest fanA passionate “music junkie”, Sean loves going to concerts and festivals with his partner.  

There’s no doubt about it: in the almost seven years Sean has been with LGC, he’s made a huge impact on the business and with his colleagues. His story shows that at LGC, hard work and dedication are what it takes to succeed.  

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