We’re honored to celebrate 20 years of LGC!

This May marks 20 years since LGC was founded. We’re so proud of everything we’ve accomplished over the past two decades. We wouldn’t be where we are without our incredible clients, workforce, or LGC team members.

Celebrating 20 Years of LGC

When we were founded in 2003, owners George Lessmeister and Glen Greenawalt were operating out of one office in Indianapolis. We’re now in 45+ cities nationwide, servicing thousands of clients and providing opportunities for tens of thousands of workers. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned throughout the last twenty years and are proud to be experts in the staffing industry. 

LGC was originally founded to provide staffing solutions for the hospitality industry. Since then we’ve expanded into new industries to better accommodate the needs of our customers. We’ve worked with some of the best industry professionals out there. We’ve helped staff incredible events all around the country. And we have no plans on stopping. 

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we wanted to share 20 facts about LGC so you can get to know us a little better. We promise there’s at least one fact in here that you don’t know. Go ahead and find out for yourself.  

20 Fun Facts You May Not Know About LGC 
  1. All our employees combined have worked for LGC for 566 Years, 10 Months, and 13 Days. Our leadership team alone has worked a total of 114 years, 7 months, and 9 days with us!
  2. A lot of people ask what LGC stands for – it’s Lessmeister Greenawalt Company – to represent our two owners/founders.  
  3. In 2022 LGC implemented an ESOP, effectively making our team members employee owners.  
  4. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we launched a brand-new website that better highlights LGC’s services. 
  5. Our CEO, George, still remembers the names of the employees who worked LGC’s first shift. Three banquet servers assigned to work a pre-Indy 500 Lunch in May 2003. The workers’ names were Alicia, Anna, and Sam. “I will never forget those names!” 
  6. LGC hit 1,000 temp hours billed weekly (for the first time) in August 2003 after only 2 ½ months in business. 
  7. The first LGC office space was 120’ square feet with two desks, a folding table, one computer, a file cabinet, a fax table, and two “lobby” chairs. Now, our office space in Indianapolis is 5,808 square feet. What an upgrade! 
  8. After 20 years in business, the LGC Indianapolis office continues to be our biggest and busiest office to date. 
  9. We’re currently located in 47 cities nationwide (and growing), from Honolulu to Miami and just about everywhere in between.  
  10. LGC has been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firms two times in the last three years. 
  11. In the past few years, we’ve been fortunate to add three staffing divisions to LGC’s suite of solutions: EnviroStaff, MarketStaff, and ConcessionStaff. They all service a different industry so we can better meet our clients’ needs.  
  12. Across all our social media platforms, LGC has 15,250 followers/fans. 
  13. Our staffing engagement platform, LGC Now, celebrated its 4th birthday this year. Since then, thousands of workers have used the mobile app to find flexible shifts nationwide.  
  14. Every year LGC staffs some of the biggest and most exciting (yet occasionally confidential) events of the year. We’d love to say more but, our lips are sealed. 
  15. Our leadership team is comprised of 75% strong, amazing women. 
  16. 75% of our leadership team is made up of (strong, incredible) women.  
  17. Every year we pick a theme to share internally that motivates us. The theme for 2023 is ENGAGE.
  18. LGC has attended the National Restaurant Association Show several times. The first time was the year we were founded in 2003!
  19. We solely promote from within because we’re invested in the professional development of all our employees.
  20. To honor our 20th anniversary, we started LGC Week – which is where we celebrate everything LGC during the last (full) week of May. For the first LGC Week, we’re sharing tons of content on social media (so be sure to follow us!) and doing spirit days across our 40+ offices. We’re so excited for this new annual tradition!

We want to thank everyone who has supported LGC in any way over the last two decades. We’re so appreciative of the entire LGC community. Let’s make the next twenty years just as great.