LGC has been around since 2003, building connections between businesses with staffing needs and job seekers looking for new opportunities. We offer temporary and permanent positions in a variety of industries. Located in 46 cities nationwide, you are sure to find your match with LGC.  

Besides being a great way to make extra cash, working with LGC can help you decide your career goals. But how do we do that? Here are 3 ways: 

3 Ways LGC Can Help You Decide Your Career Goals 

The variety of jobs LGC offers 

If there is a job you have ever wanted to try, LGC has got you covered. Specializing in hospitality, LGC offers anything from bartending to hotel staff. But it doesn’t end there, LGC offers stadium jobs, retail, warehouse, environmental jobs and more! 

How that can enhance and grow your skills 

Due to the variety LGC offers, you can find what jobs or positions you’re passionate about. Want to try out bartending? What about a sales associate? Or even a restaurant manager? Finding your dream job has never been easier.  

Working alongside LGC you are able to gain the insight and skills you need to decide your career goals (and reach them). Besides giving you multiple job opportunities, LGC will help you succeed in the job you want, offering resume and interview review. With all the materials you need to transition into your next position. Once it comes time to take a higher position you’ll be more than prepared! 

How that will lead to your new position 

Picture this, you start working as a housekeeper through LGC. You start to learn the ins and outs of the hotel business. You discover you really enjoy working with people, making them feel comfortable and welcomed. Because you’ve been working in the industry for a while, you take a higher position, which eventually leads you to a manager or executive role.

Or you figure out that the hotel business isn’t for you and you decide a stadium job fits you better. With LGC you have the flexibility to pick the jobs you want. Plus, have the ability to pick your own schedule.  

Our hardworking recruiters are dedicated helping you decide your career goals and to finding a job that fits you and your lifestyle! Get started with LGC today!