Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s Hospitality in the News topic: do hotel jobs pay well? 

Hotel jobs can provide a great, flexible opportunity for job seekers. There are over 100,000 hotels and motels across the country, meaning that there’s likely one not too far from you. Plus, the industry experienced almost 6% growth in 2022 alone. Besides good market saturation, there are a variety of hospitality (and non-hospitality related) positions to choose from – meaning there’s something for everyone. 

The ideal hotel candidate will have great soft skills since they’ll be working alongside guests. You might also need hands on experience depending on the position. (But if you don’t have any, don’t worry. Learn how to get a hotel job with no experience here.) Some other helpful traits include willingness to learn, flexibility, and good time management skills.  

In addition to hourly jobs – like server, cook, or housekeeper – there are plenty of management and executive level positions as well. If you want to work in a growing industry with a variety of opportunities, then working in a hotel may be right for you. But you’re probably wondering, do hotel jobs pay well? 

Do hotel jobs pay well?

To answer this question, it’s going to depend on a few factors which include: 

  • Location. Are you in a major city or more off the beaten path? 
  • Position. Did you start in an entry level position or as a supervisor? 
  • Department. Will you be working in the kitchen, at the front desk, or in the laundry room? 
  • Experience. Does the hotel need to assist with in-depth training or can you hit the ground running? 

For example, hotels in major cities will pay more because the cost of living is higher. A front desk manager will earn more than an entry level front desk agent. Managers can expect to be salaried, while servers, cooks, housekeepers (and more) will be hourly.  

For hourly positions, you may be able to anticipate being tipped by guests. Whether it’s a franchise or an independently owned hotel may also play a part. It’s also important to consider the current hiring climate we’re in; though hospitality has been seeing business increases this year, there are still hiring needs across the country. You may be offered higher pay to stay competitive in the market. 

Those are just a few examples of situations that would impact your pay when working at a hotel. Something to keep in mind as well is the opportunity for growth in your desired position. Though you may start at one pay rate or salary level, moving up through the ranks will allow you to build your pay until it reaches a desired level.  

So, do hotel jobs pay well? Though many factors decide it, in general hotel jobs do pay well. They provide consistent employment, a variety of positions, and the industry is growing. If you’re looking for flexible hotel opportunities in your area, look no further than LGC. We place both temporary and permanent employees with clients nationwide. Let us help you find your next gig – contact us today!