The EnviroStaff team is so excited to celebrate 2 years of environmental staffing! Damien Flaherty – Senior Consultant at EnviroStaff – sat down to discuss what the past two years have been like for the EnviroStaff team. Here’s what he had to say. 

Celebrating 2 Years of Environmental Staffing with EnviroStaff 

EnviroStaff was launched in January 2022 to provide recruiting and environmental staffing services to the Environmental Health and Safety Industry. Like all industries, EHS suffered during the pandemic years and was starving for qualified Scientists, Engineers, Sales Professionals, Field Technicians, and Customer Service Technicians.  

Due to the shortage of qualified candidates nationwide in the environmental industry, we began offering primarily Direct Hire services to our clients. In some cases, we were challenged to find qualified candidates with the years of experience our clients wanted to hire, which weren’t always available. But we did have recent grads and early career candidates that were motivated to learn and eager to work on a temporary-to-hire basis. This hiring strategy proved very effective for many technician positions. 

While we have successfully helped our clients hire dozens of qualified candidates across the country (in 12 different states) and our employees have started promising new careers with these firms, there are still many open positions waiting for qualified candidates to fill them. The environmental industry is suffering from an aging workforce without enough young talent in the pipeline to meet the demand of the work that needs to be done.  

EnviroStaff has noticed many educational institutions are emphasizing sustainability and ecology. These areas are needed, but some of the basic hands-on investigation techniques like groundwater well installation and groundwater sampling, are not part of the curriculum. This creates an imbalance in available resources. 

To meet this demand for qualified environmental staffing professionals, EnviroStaff created a Learning Portal in 2024. The EnviroStaff Learning Portal offers courses to prepare candidates for the important work that needs to be done to investigate potentially contaminated sites. Our first course offered is the Hazardous Waste Operations (HAZWOPER) Training. This training educates our employees on potential hazards which may be encountered in the field and how to protect themselves and the environment as they perform their field investigations and sampling

We will soon be rolling out a field sampling course, to help our employees learn air, water, and soil sampling methods, instruments and equipment used in collecting these samples, proper documentation of field activities, and proper handling/shipping methods among other details. 

As of this writing, several of our employees have completed their HAZWOPER certification and are available to work as Environmental Field Technicians on a temporary or temp to hire basis. We’re so proud of the professionals who are motivated to grow their careers in this important industry.  

Tell us what skills you need to successfully complete your projects – EnviroStaff is ready to serve your environmental staffing needs. We can’t wait to see what we can do for our clients over the next two years. 

About EnviroStaff
EnviroStaff is a division of LGC that focuses on making placements in the environmental industry. We build partnerships with clients to fill open positions on their team and have recruiting capabilities within multiple markets throughout the U.S. Working closely together, EnviroStaff will recruit environmental industry professionals based on your job description and requirements. By making direct hire placements, EnviroStaff can help clients save time and money often associated with recruiting.