EnviroStaff is excited to announce a partnership with EnviroWorkshops, a training organization that hosts environmental workshops and trains professionals from all over the world. 

This partnership brings together two resources that provide career support and help develop the future professionals of the environmental industry. EnviroStaff officially joined as a sponsor in February. Before we discuss what the sponsorship entails, let’s learn a little about EnviroWorkshops and what they do.  

What are environmental workshops?

Simply put, EnviroWorkshops host in-person trainings for environmental professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skills. According to the EnviroWorkshops website: “We have been growing this annual training series since 2013, and we’ve hosted over 400 workshops on 6 continents.  Over 25,000 have registered in the past decade, and we have quickly become the largest training organization for environmental professionals worldwide.” 

EnviroStaff connects professionals with companies who have environmental hiring needs. With this partnership, we can share openings with job seekers who attend the EnviroWorkshops trainings. As an official sponsor, EnviroStaff will be exhibiting at five workshops to discuss how we can help candidates figure out the next step in their career.  

Damien Flaherty, Senior Consultant at EnviroStaff, had this to say about the sponsorship: “Partnering with EnviroWorkshops is a great opportunity for attendees to use the skills they learned at the trainings to find a job through EnviroStaff. We’re excited to help grow the next generation of environmental professionals.”  

To learn more about EnviroWorkshops, their environmental workshops, and how to get involved with their organization, visit their website. 

About Us 

EnviroStaff is a division of LGC that focuses on making placements in the environmental industry. We build partnerships with clients to fill open positions on their team and have recruiting capabilities within multiple markets throughout the U.S. Working closely together, our team will recruit environmental industry professionals based on your job description and requirements. By making direct hire placements, EnviroStaff can help clients save time and money often associated with recruiting.