Providing outstanding customer service is all about perfecting the little touches. Last month, we discussed the benefits of going the extra mile for your guests. Whether you’re creating towel origami or offering a warm hello and bright smile in the hallway, it’s the small gestures that turn first-time guests into repeat visitors.

Regardless of the opportunity you’re going for, the more effort you put into your work, the more everyone gets out of it. Customers aren’t the only ones who benefit when you go the extra mile for them. Find out how you can exceed expectations at work and how it  can be advantageous to your career.

Three Reasons to Exceed Expectations at Work

Increase your value

When one employee works circles around the rest, managers notice. Rise to the top of the roster by becoming the most valuable team player. Go out of our way to please guests, volunteer to lend a hand to co-workers with too much on their plate and request additional responsibilities if you have free time on your hands. If you keep this up, you’ll have no trouble getting a promotion — or a letter of recommendation if you’re not planning turning the job into a career.

Set a good example for others

One person can boost morale for the entire team. If you’re constantly striving to provide the best possible service to guests, this positive attitude will spread to your colleagues. Working alongside a group of people committed to excellence makes the job much more fun and inspiring. This level of enthusiasm also won’t go unnoticed by guests, who will likely begin visiting your workplace with a higher frequency, because they know it’s where they get the best service.

Realize your potential

Doing the bare minimum to cruise by in a job might work, but it stifles your growth. When you exceed expectations at work, it keeps you on your toes and challenges you to reach your potential. You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you dare to see exactly how bright your star can shine.