Sometimes, it’s okay to mix business with pleasure. If you’re a sports fan searching for food service job opportunities, there’s no better work environment for you than at the big game itself.

As you’re well aware, food and drinks are synonymous with sports, so there’s plenty of job opportunities perfectly suited to you inside your local stadium. Find out what you have to gain by working the big game.

Three Benefits of Working the Big Game

Earn Money Instead of Spending It

There’s nothing like being inside a stadium during a sporting event. Excitement fills the air, the crowd goes wild at every play, and you’re right in the middle of it. However, being onsite typically comes with a steep price tag, after you buy a ticket, pay for parking, and spend money on concessions.

When you work the game, you actually get paid to be inside the stadium. Instead of leaving the game broke, you end your shift with a paycheck.

Be Part of Fan Experience       

The total fan experience is composed of every interaction the person has with others during their time at the stadium. Whether you’re behind the scenes manning the grill in the kitchen or interacting with customers at the cash register, you have the opportunity help people enjoy themselves. From one sports fan to another, it’s a pretty great feeling to know your actions contributed to the smiles that will be on the faces of so many as they exit the stadium.

Meet Like-Minded People

If you’re working foodservice jobs as a way to get into the stadium on game day, you’re definitely not the only one. This is a great way to meet new people who share your passion for sports, which always makes work more fun. A conversation about the game could segue into something deeper about your career, which might allow you to make valuable contacts who can help you get ahead.

Looking for a Ticket into the Big Game? LGC Hospitality can help you score a fun, flexible catering or food service job inside the stadium. Contact us today to learn more about an exciting opportunity in your area!