As we enter the holiday season, gifts rise to the top of the shopping list. If your workplace is hosting a holiday gift exchange, you may find yourself stuck on what to get your coworkers. If you’re wondering what easy, inexpensive gifts you can give at your workplace gift exchange, we’ve got just the list for you.

7 Easy Gifts to Give at Your Workplace Gift Exchange

Coffee mug

A coffee mug is a great gift for anyone in your workplace. They’re easy to find and easily customizable, so you can make it feel more personal. Even if you have coworkers who don’t drink coffee, a mug is good for hot chocolate, tea, or any other warm drink.


Stationery gifts could be a calendar (just in time for the new year), a planner, or a notepad. These are workplace essentials, especially if you work in an office, and any of your coworkers could use them. Stationery is also easily personalized, making it a great gift for anyone in your workplace gift exchange.


Candles are a fun gift that anyone can enjoy, either in the office or at home. With such a large variety of scents, you can find a candle to fit any of your coworkers’ personalities. They don’t break the bank and are still simple, genuine gifts.


Similar to a mug, ornaments are easily customizable and personalized. They’re relatively easy to find and come in so many different shapes and sizes that anyone will love. If you’ve got a coworker who’s a decorator-extraordinaire, this is the perfect gift for them.

Stress ball

We’ve all experienced high stress levels at work, and a stress ball is a great way to relieve stress every day. Stress balls are an inexpensive gift option that anyone can use and keep for a long time. Anyone who receives this in your workplace gift exchange will be sure to love it.


With the winter season rolling in and temperatures quickly dropping, a blanket is a great option to be included in your workplace gift exchange. Found at almost any store, a blanket can be used at home or in the workplace and will keep your coworkers cozy for the cold months ahead.

Festive snacks and candy

This gift is super easy to put together and is definitely budget friendly. Pick up a few different holiday candies and chocolates, mix with a few holiday themed salty snacks, and you’ve got a great gift for anyone in your workplace gift exchange. It can be put together at the last minute and will be sure to be a hit with your coworkers.

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