When you go the extra mile for guests, it will make them feel special and show that you truly care about their experience and satisfaction.

When it comes to customer service, it’s often the little things that mean the most. When guests walk into a hotel room, they expect it to be sparkling clean, and when they dine at a restaurant, they assume the food will be good — and rightfully so. However, most don’t think the staff will go above and beyond to make their experience unforgettable. That’s where you come in.

LGC Hospitality — one of the leading hospitality temp agencies in the U.S. — knows a thing or two about customer service. The hospitality industry is a very competitive realm, so if you want to turn guests into repeat customers, you must exceed their expectations. Taking the time for gestures like creating towel origami might not seem like a huge deal, but people love it.

Three Reasons to Go the Extra Mile for Guests

It will make them feel special

Guests anticipate a certain level of service, but when you surprise them by giving more, they take note. It feels great to know staff went out of their way to provide an excellent experience. This level of service lets customers know they’re valued, and people tend to return to places where they know they’ll get more than their money’s worth.

You can help differentiate your brand

People appreciate businesses that meet their expectations, but after awhile, decent experiences start to blend together. When you go out of your way to really take care of a guest, they feel valued. This will stand out in their memory, so next time they’re in the market for the service provided by your employer, they’ll head your way.

You’ll brighten their day

You don’t know what was going on in someone’s day before they crossed your path — or were able to enjoy the finished product of your work — so a little extra attention to detail can mean a lot. Whether you’re able to turn a bad day around or keep an already pleasant one going strong, the work you do matters. Use your influence to make your guests smile.

When you go the extra mile for guests, you can make a huge impact on their satisfaction. We hope you find this guide helpful!