October is upon us and that – of course – means Halloween is on the horizon. With the holiday fast approaching, costume planning starts now! Costumes are a key piece of any spooky workplace celebration. If you’re looking for Halloween costumes to wear to work that can last throughout the day and are easy to put together, we have just the list for you. 

Need Halloween Costumes to Wear to Work? Here are 8 Easy Options 

Magic 8 Ball 

The magic 8 ball is a DIY favorite. Odds are you have these items lying around your home, so this is a great last minute costume option. All you need to have on hand is some black clothing, white paper, a black marker, scissors, and tape. Cut out a circle from the white paper first. Then, draw a big number eight on the circle using the black marker. Tape to your black shirt and voila! If you’re still in the DIY mood, you can piece together a couple of triangle-shaped pieces of paper with simple answers to questions on them. Carry those around for the day to really give the full magic effect.  


Time to break out those bell bottoms! Though they may be a bit dusty, they’ll be perfect for a hippie costume. Pair them with your best floral print shirt or blouse, a pair of round sunglasses, and you’re looking totally groovy. If you have some fringe lying around, add that on to really prove you can dig it. If your hair is long enough, sleep in braids the night before to crimp your hair and enhance your 70’s look to the max.  

Game Show Contestant 

This costume may be one of the easiest Halloween costumes to wear to work. Just wear your everyday, regular clothes, stick on a name tag, and that’s it! This costume is another great last-minute option and lends itself well to groups too. Round up your friends and create your own workplace-themed game show to see who can really rise to the occasion. 


Strike your best pose for this one. Scarecrow costumes are scary easy to put together for a work party. All you need is a flannel shirt, denim pants, or overalls if you have them, boots, and a big, pointed hat. If you feel like going the extra mile, add straw cuffs around your wrists and ankles for a more realistic look. Some face paint could go a long way as well, with some fake freckles and fake stitching around your face creating the ultimate illusion.  


This costume is so comfortable it’s out of this world. Potentially the easiest costume to find or order on this list, an astronaut is an unmistakable look for the big workplace costume party. All you need here is to visit your nearest Halloween costume supply store or their website. Pick your favorite spacesuit and prepare to amaze when you land at work. For the best optics, be sure to bring your helmet. Otherwise, this costume should be one of the most comfortable Halloween costumes to wear to work. 


If you weren’t quite feeling like a scarecrow and wanted something a bit more industrious, but requires almost all the same clothing, then a lumberjack may be more your speed. The only difference here is that big, pointed hat gets replaced by a pretend axe. Grow or draw on your best beard for the full lumberjack effect.  


Coming in second in comfiness on this list is the skeleton costume. If the magic 8 ball DIY didn’t sound like your thing, but you still want to wear all black, then the skeleton is another great choice. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can cut out and tape all your own bones and make this the spookiest DIY at your workplace. Otherwise, visit your nearest Halloween costume supply store and find the bones you think suit you best. 


If you’re known around the workplace for always bringing in goodies for everyone, then a chef will be the perfect costume for you. If you feel like putting on a show, you can wear a traditional chef’s uniform, jacket and all. If you need a last-minute chef’s costume, then wear your regular, everyday clothes with an apron overtop, and a chef’s hat if you’ve got it. Either way, you’ll be sure to spice up the workplace costume party.  

We hope you found this list of halloween costumes to wear to work helpful! No matter which costume you pick to wear for your workplace festivities, you’ll definitely be dressed to impress. Any of these options will allow you to stay focused on work all while enjoying the Halloween holiday. Happy Halloween! 

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