It’s tax season! Looking for your W2? We’ve got you. Here’s how to get your W2 from LGC so you can get to filing.

Tax season has officially kicked off as the IRS began to accept returns on January 23rd and will do so until April 18thWhile some people are excited at the prospect of the money they can get back, others are worried about compiling the information they need to file accurately and on time. This time of year can be particularly stressful for temp/gig workers because they may be employed with several companies, or are using multiple tax forms.  

Here’s How to Get Your W2 from LGC

Two of the most common tax forms for workers is a W2 and a 1099. So what’s the difference? According to, “1099 and W2s are the different tax forms used to deduct payroll taxes on different types of employees. 1099 employees are self-employed independent contractors. They receive pay in accord with the terms of their contract and get a 1099 form to report income on their tax return. A W2 employee receives a regular wage and employee benefits. The employer withholds income taxes from the employee’s paycheck.”  

At LGC, all our employees receive a W2. In this post, we’ll cover a few frequently asked questions about how to get your W2 from LGC. 

How do I get my W2?

Every employee can gain access to their W2 by logging into their ADP account and getting it there. 2022 W2’s are currently available! Reminder: ADP is the same platform you use to access your pay stubs.

What if I can’t get into my ADP account?

If you need help remembering your user ID or can’t log in, use this guide for assistance.

Are W2’s being sent in the mail?

No, W2’s will not be mailed because they are available electronically starting today (January 23rd). From there, you will have the option to print it if you need a physical copy. If you need help accessing the electronic copy, please contact your local office.

What if I need my W2 printed?

If you cannot access your ADP account, don’t want your W2 emailed, and absolutely need a physical copy, please contact your local office and we will organize getting one mailed to you.