As the classic – and appropriately Halloween-themed quote goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” That’s why at LGC, we understand the importance of finding time outside work to have fun and relax. We asked employees how they like to unwind after work.

How LGC Likes to Unwind After Work

We learned that some people like to… 

…raise their spirits 

Whiskey helps – Glen


I like to go to the local winery for a glass wine with friends and of course [my dog] Luna! – Tiffany


I like to unwind by listening to music and drinking some nice cold wine. When I am not listening to music, I like to watch my favorite shows. – Ruby


I drink wine and watch murder shows on Netflix! – Erin

…work on passion projects 

To unwind I love to get lost in my plant and gardening. I also enjoy just being outside and watching nature – it’s still, and quiet – it removes the “busy” of life when I am able to unwind this way, technology free. – Elizabeth 


I recently bought a Cricut and have been making shirts and car decals. I pretend that I can craft! – Brianna 


I am a digital illustrator, and a traditional watercolorist when I am home. I also unwind watching true crime, sewing, and various other crafts!! – Kaitlyn 


I unwind by drawing on my tablet. I also enjoy sewing new projects and costumes. – Kara 

…exercise their minds – or muscles 

I love to research and confirm information for my family tree. I am working on mapping everything out to hopefully take a trip soon to visit the places my ancestors lived and worked. I also love to eat the delicious food my husband cooks while he unwinds. – Brittany H 


Before COVID I would teach/practice a Japanese martial art named Kendo (basically Japanese Fencing). It allows me to exercise my body and mind. The point is to improve yourself through rigorous practice. We have competitions but the goal is to defeat “yourself”, doubt, hesitation, confusion and fear. – Greg 


I’m a gym rat at heart and love to spend my free time there. I’m usually at the gym 5 or 6 times a week; that’s how I unwind after work! – Carlos 

…catch up on shows or games 

During the week, it is usually trying to squeeze in that hour to catch up on an episode of whatever me and my husband are currently watching on Netflix before bed (while playing Yahtzee on my phone and pretending I am not checking emails). On the weekends, it is any moment I can steal some time away with my adult kiddos and hang out with the Cat and Dog and Hubby and cooking something yummy (usually grilling something no matter what month it is). – Jennifer S 


I love to come home and binge watch my favorite TV series I’m watching or play FIFA on my Xbox!! – Clayton 


Nerd alert: I play Pokémon Go with strangers from all over the world every day as soon as I leave work! – Kayla 

keep themselves busy with activities 

I like to unwind after work with “Staycations” at Disney. It’s my home away from home and the perfect little escape from the LGC life every once in a while. – Jamie 


I love to spend time helping my family out, either dinner, cleaning up, or running errands if needed. With two grown sons now, I like to spend as much time I can with them, when I get to. I unwind either binge watching series on Netflix, or even shopping (whether grocery shopping, clothes shopping or more, I love it). In past years, I really liked going to car shows, but not too many going on right now. – Monica 


I unwind several ways; bike riding, cooking, or painting. – Shaquille 


The way I love to unwind is by hanging with family, trying out new recipes, playing fetch with my dog, and playing games on my computer. Occasionally I’ll play some Dungeons & Dragons as well or DM my friends a game. – Jeremy 


I like to cook a nice savory meal, catch up on household chores, and talk to my wife to unwind for the day. – Richard 

…or relax with some personal time 

Being a mom of multiple children, I’ve found myself falling into yoga pants, a sloppy t-shirt, pony-tail uniform and neglecting myself. Once a week at 8pm I am DONE! All kids to bed, no chores and no work. Take a hot bath, a glass of wine, sneak and have snack in my closet sometimes also. It’s call MOM “ME” TIME! – Cortney 


I actually like to cook when I get off work! I have a lot of cookbooks and finding a new recipe and the process of making my shopping list and finding those ingredients at the store brings me a lot of joy. Being able to then come home and follow the recipe and create something out of pieces of ingredients really rounds out the end of my day. Plus, eating it after is a bonus! – Meredith 

…spend time with loved ones 

In the afternoons when I leave the office, I make it a point to disconnect from calls and emails to dedicate time to my fur babies. They are always waiting for me because they know when I come home – whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood or just play time at home – we don’t skip it. This helps me unwind and reset for the next day. – Cristelia


To unwind after work, I typically will hang out with friends or my family. – Kali


I cuddle with my fur babies and my husband while we watch K-Dramas! – Angel


During the winter and fall, I mostly unwind after work going to local bookstores and libraries with my 3 younger children. We head to the back section of barns and nobles, grab some books and work on our reading. I also love to cook after hours! And of course, baking is always a favorite thing to do in my house with the kids! In the summer, my favorite things to do after work and weekends is boating and fishing regularly. We live by some amazing state parks and I love to take advantage of them! – Jaime

Make sure you find time to unwind after work. If you need some suggestions, don’t hesitate to use the ones our team shared!