If you’re someone who really takes pride in your work, irresponsible coworkers can challenge your productivity and focus.

When you start your shift, you’re ready to roll your sleeves up and get things done. Unfortunately, this sentiment isn’t shared by all your peers. Anything but responsible, these people are the definition of unreliable.

If several of you were hired through hospitality temp agencies, mention this to your recruiter, as they’ll want to know if any of their placements are behaving in an irresponsible manner. This is a smart way to cover your tracks and discretely ensure your boss finds out what’s going on.

Of course, your recruiter won’t always be in a position to help, but as a strong person, you don’t have to let the bad behavior of others sway your own actions.

Irresponsible Coworkers: 4 Ways You Can Stay Focused

Take charge

Chaos tends to ensue when employees are left with very little direction. If this is the case at your company, step up and take control. Lead by example, and there’s a good chance others will pattern their behavior after yours. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’re accountable for irresponsible coworkers, but do provide a sense of guidance, so those who want to do good work have a clear path to follow.

Talk to your team

Sometimes people aren’t aware of the impact of their own actions. Gather your irresponsible coworkers together and give them a pep talk. Gently explain how their irresponsible behavior is negatively affecting the team, customers and the company as a whole. Seeing the big picture might serve as wake-up call that inspires them to put more effort into their jobs.

Remember why you’re there

You can’t control the actions of others, so if your efforts to turn your colleagues’ bad behavior around fall short, lean inward. Concentrate on yourself and the quality of work you want to produce. If you haven’t already, decide what you want from this job, and when the going gets rough, focus on what you have to gain by working your hardest.

Consider the consequences

Right now, your irresponsible coworkers might be getting away with seriously irresponsible behavior, but at some point, this will catch up with them. When no one around you is trying to do quality work, it can be tempting to give up and sink to their level, but you won’t come out ahead. Hold your head high and keep doing work you’re proud of, because it will pay off eventually.

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