People can be very particular about their food. But it’s crucial to know how to keep up with guests requests regardless if it’s busy or now. Keeping your head above water can be tough on a busy shift, but becomes even more challenging when everyone seems to have special requests.

Some food service jobs involve a busier work environment than others, but most establishments get hectic sometimes. Use these tips to learn how to keep up with guests requests during a busy shift.

How to Keep Up With Guests Requests During a Busy Shift

Write requests down

If you’ve worked in food service for awhile, you might’ve become so comfortable with the job that you no longer write customer orders down. This probably works well when you’re not swamped — and when people don’t make special requests — but it’s easy to forget things when you’re running in several different directions at once.

Writing requests down ensures you won’t have to take extra time to go back to the customer and get their order again if you forget it. This also increases your chances of getting it right, because having to send it back takes extra time and reduces customer satisfaction.

Ask for help

There’s only so many guests one worker can handle, especially when you need to keep up with guests requests. Spreading yourself too thin will stress you out and increase your chances of making mistakes on customer orders. If you get in over your head, ask a colleague to help out. This will give you more time to focus on each person you’re serving, which will provide guests with an outstanding experience.

Know when to say ‘no’

Granting guest requests is your job, and you always aim to please. However, some demands might be a bit too unreasonable to satisfy. If a customer requests something impossible or so complex you’re unable to tend to other guests, it’s okay to politely explain you cannot accommodate their wishes. Offer up your best alternative, and if that still isn’t enough, feel confident that you tried your best.

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