Recently LGC Associates had the opportunity to take some of our managers to Las Vegas for a special training. Learn more about what we got into when visiting the Neon City.

Opportunities for career growth are one of the most effective ways to engage and retain team members. In fact, “LinkedIn found that employees are nearly 3X more engaged when they see opportunities to learn on the job,” and sometimes value learning and growth over higher compensation. 

At LGC Associates, our workplace culture prioritizes internal growth which is why we often promote from within. This shows employees that we’re invested in their career advancement and helps create better leaders within our organization. And one of the ways we do that is through trainings. 

LGC Associates Takes Las Vegas

Recently LGC’s permanent placement division and members of our leadership team went on a retreat in Las Vegas. The main focus of the “LGC Perm Retreat 2021” were two-day long intensive training sessions that provided information and skills to better grow as an employee inside and outside of LGC. Some of these sessions included sales + financials, marketing strategies, targeted recruiting, client relationships, and other presentations by leadership team members.   

In addition to trainings, there were relationship building opportunities including a scavenger hunt where employees had to pair off and work together towards a prize. Because we were in Las Vegas, we made sure to save room for a little fun! At the end of one of the training days, the team was able to go to a Vegas Golden Knights NHL game. It was great to bond and relax after a long day.  

The permanent placement division is made up of employees in several LGC Associates markets, most of whom haven’t met each other in person. They loved being able to “put faces to names” and meet George and Glen, our co-founders (who were also in attendance). Plus, we were able to check in on LGC Las Vegas and meet with some of the local team members.  

Overall, the trip was Las Vegas was productive, informative, and relaxing. Our team loved spending time together and learning about different areas of the company. We’re looking forward to hosting more training events in the future. 

Join The LGC Team 

Does this sound like a team you want to be part of? Well great news, LGC Associates is hiring! Send your resume to Chris in our HR department: 

Chris Dupire
Human Resources Generalist  

P.S. Check out some pictures from the Vegas trip below!