Working in the hospitality business, LGC was affected by the coronavirus shutdowns like thousands of other businessesDuring a time where people are feeling scared and uncertain, words of encouragement can make a huge difference in someone’s mood. In this post, three LGC leaders share their feelings on failure, perseverance, and motivation. Hopefully this inspires you to share a kind word with your team, friends, or family. 

LGC Leaders Share Their Feelings on Failure, Perseverance, and Motivation

Terra G. on Failure

The idea of failure evokes many emotions – fear, disappointment, panic, stress, and it brings on a general feeling of uncomfortableness. Failure can be many different things for different people: losing your job, not putting hours up, not getting new clients, not feeling like you are doing enough, etc.  Speaking personally, generally in my life and during these past two months at work, I have felt all of that and more. 

COVID has created such an unknown in everyone’s life that it is almost expected to not know exactly how to navigate our new (for now) normal. AND THAT IS OKAY. Why? Because we all figured it out. How? We dug deep, we did something different, and we had GREAT leadership that did not create an environment of fear mongering, instead we were told “yes you can” and we were given direction, coaching and a push in the right direction.  

That is not to say that while we were figuring it out, we didn’t feel uncomfortable. New is uncomfortable. New is out of our comfort zone. But the whole point of this is that if you keep yourself comfortable, you don’t grow. You don’t grow because you don’t push yourself and you continue to run in circles getting the same results over and over. If we weren’t pushed to feel uncomfortable, we wouldn’t still be succeeding regardless of the state of our industry 

Jeremy R. on Perseverance

You may not know it, but humans aren’t built to be the strongest, or fastest. What we can do better than any other species is adapt to our surroundings, always seeking out new ways to tackle problems and thrive. Ultimately our most important trait is our perseverance, the ability to endure, through and through. There are incredible tales such as the experiences of Hugh Glass.

In 1818 Glass stumbled upon a grizzly bear while hunting and ended up fighting for his life with only a knife and his bare hands. He conquered the bear but was left with a broken leg & gashes all over. Ultimately, he overcame immense challenges, crawling 200 miles back to civilization. A month ago the entire world was injured by something unseen and sinister, but we will overcome.  

Kelsey S. on Motivation

One of my biggest motivators that helps me drive every day is something I’ve heard my manager say time and time again: “If you did ALL you could do, you did your job.”

I cheered for a quite sometime in my life. In cheer you typically have one competition per year. You practice for MONTHS for one 2 minute and 30 second routine. You have one chance to give it your all! If you aren’t giving it all when you step up on that mat, then what are you even doing here? 

When I go into work, my one chance to step onto the mat, every day and give it my all. When I leave work I ask myself “Did I do everything I could do today? Did I give it my best effort? Did it leave it all out on the mat?” Obviously, there may be off days but doesn’t mean you can let that affect you for the rest of the week, rest of the month, or the rest of the year. Go into work every day doing all you can do to be successful. 

We hope these words of encouragement from LGC leaders Terra, Jeremy, and Kelsey could provide you with some comfort and motivation during challenging times. If you need any support throughout the pandemic, please contact LGC.