Invigorate hospitality staffing with LGC Now.

LGC Now is a staffing engagement tool that provides LGC employees the opportunity to secure flexible employment based upon their schedule, while giving clients the chance to obtain qualified talent when they need it.

In a traditional staffing model, internal employees are responsible for manually assigning workers to shifts. This means that workers either call in to see what’s available, or employees contact individual workers to see if they’re free for the shift. In 2019, LGC Now was founded to add an on-demand solution to our staffing services. We understand that last-minute changes can occur when managing a team and want to offer our clients the ability to request staff right when they’re needed. Not only that, but LGC’s workforce can browse a calendar of shifts and choose what fits their schedule, allowing for those last-minute requests to be covered.

Old school staffing, new school tech.

LGC Now is powered by NextCrew and includes a mobile application for workers and a web application for clients, making event scheduling and worker deployment easier than ever. The staffing software allows us to automatically send out shift notifications to our workforce where they can then claim their own shifts based on eligibility.

Though LGC Now automates some of our staffing tasks, it’s important to remember that it won’t (and will never) replace the customer service aspect of your partnership with LGC. Staffing technology enhances your experience but our primary goal continues to be building and fostering close relationships with our clientele and workforce.

For Clients

By eliminating some of the manual activities it takes to staff an event, we’ll be able to focus on what matters the most; building strong relationships with our clients. With the introduction of LGC Now, clients will benefit several ways, including:  

  • More diverse talent pool 
  • Shifts fill quickly
  • Increased transparency on event details
  • Efficient ways to place last-minute requests

For Workers

With LGC Now comes the introduction of staffing technology into our everyday operations. This technology will help workers by providing: 

  • Easier onboarding process  
  • Prompt notifications of open assignments 
  • Variety of work 
  • Flexible scheduling 

LGC Now brings ease into the lives of our clients and workers and propels our reach, allowing us to develop smaller markets not typically associated with hospitality staffing. Not only that, but it also improves our managers’ daily operations by removing many of the manual tasks associated with staffing. We’re proud to bring flexible employment and on demand hospitality professionals to our customers and look forward to partnering with job seekers and clients who want a great staffing experience.

Learn about the divisions that use LGC Now.

MarketStaff is a division of LGC that provides employees for all aspects of operations in the retail and warehouse industries.

LGC Hospitality is our main division that supplies temporary employees in the hospitality industry.

ConcessionsStaff is a division of LGC that focuses solely on facility and event staffing, partnering with clients nationwide.

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LGC’s team is built by diverse individuals who are passionate about developing long-lasting relationships between clients and candidates. We strive to create an inclusive work environment within our local communities allowing for more professional connections, economic empowerment, and respect for all. Together we are changing the staffing industry; one placement at a time.