At LGC, we’re dedicated to fostering the growth of our team members. Doing so not only strengthens the relationship between employee and employer, it also encourages retainment; 93% of employees would stay at their company longer if managers showed interest in developing their careers through upskilling. Whether it be through LGC sales trainings, conferences, or calls, we’re always coming up with new ways to better ourselves and our team. 

LGC Sales Training: “Greatest Hits” with Brittany

Recently, VP of Client Relations Brittany Sullivan hosted a training event called LGC’s Greatest Hits Sales TrainingDesigned for small groups of staffing managers to come together from offices around the country, this training creates an opportunity to practice effective sales strategies in a “judgement free” environment with peers. Plus, it’s a great way to have some fun while learning.  

During the 3 days of training, team members work together to build up their individual confidence, identify and strengthen their “why”, and further expand personal execution of effective sales/client relations strategies. Here’s what Brittany had to say on her experience:  

“I admit that before my career began at LGC, I felt negatively towards what I viewed as sales and salespeople. I came in trepidatious that I would enjoy this aspect of the job and was more initially interested in the idea of helping employees find their dream jobs. Of course, I quickly learned that without selling these candidates to prospective employers, assisting them in finding their perfect job would not be possible.


Once I realized this, a switch immediately flipped for me and it helped alleviate my fears. Because I am personally clear on my “why,” it has remained important to me to at least give my best effort to the sales aspect of my job on behalf of the candidates. That realization has continued to inspire and empower me to put myself out there, and to follow the blueprint envisioned by our LGC founding front men George Lessmeister and Glen Greenawalt. Once you become acquainted with the “greatest hits” of LGC sales, you can use your own “why” to keep you motivated, all while attaching your own personality and style to it.”  

The success of this LGC sales training and workshop shows us just how important it is to continue learning and growing as a company. We look forward to holding more of these trainings in the future.