At LGC, one of our main goals is to form meaningful connections with our clients, workers, and the community. For that reason, we offer volunteer days to our employees. Twice a year they receive a paid day off to volunteer with one of their favorite charities or organizations to help connect with their community. In order to spread awareness, we’ll be highlighting LGCs volunteer efforts and how to get involved. 

Celebrate Spring with LGCs Volunteer Efforts: Make Orange Green 

Meredith Brown has been working at LGC for over two years, most recently as an Executive Assistant. This past Friday she had the opportunity to volunteer in the community garden at the University of Tennessee Knoxville; she got connected to the university through her sister, who works in the sustainability department.

According to their website, “The Office of Sustainability works to coordinate, manage, advise, and report on sustainable initiatives at University of Tennessee, Knoxville through research, data collection, and collaboration with a variety of on-campus and community stakeholders,” with “Make Orange Green” as the tagline for their initiative. 

For her volunteer day, Meredith helped by weeding, planting new vegetables, and watering the garden beds. On why she chose to volunteer at a shared garden, she says, “they help people learn about different plants and how vegetables grow, and can provide fresh options to the community!” 

To learn more about The University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Office of Sustainability or to get involved, visit their website. To read about LGCs volunteer efforts, check out our Community page.