At LGC, we’re motivated by tales of career development and success – especially when it involves our employees. In this series, we’ll be sharing stories from managers at LGC and how they’ve moved up the ladder. Hopefully, you’ll read something that inspires you to join our team and create a story of your own. 

Managers at LGC Share Their Stories

Taylor Brock, born on the east side of Indianapolis, has made a huge impact at LGC in the short 15 months she’s been part of the team. Self-proclaimed “payroll wizard”, Taylor’s dedication to working hard and going the extra mile helped her land a promotion to supervisor eight months into her employment.  

Starting as Payroll Clerk, she dove headfirst into her responsibilities, learning and growing along the way. Since early on, she says “I wanted to show myself and show my skills, I wanted to do more.” Clearly, her managers took notice; she’s now the Payroll Supervisor with team of five reporting up to her.  

Crunching numbers wasn’t always in Taylor’s future. Prior to working with LGC, she was a stay-at-home mom to her son, Sylas. Having just graduated with a degree in Medical Billing and Coding, she was looking for a new opportunity when her friend Maria told her about the company she was with; LGC. Shortly after, she interviewed and accepted the job as Payroll Clerk. With previous experience in data entry at an optical lab, she had skills that helped her feel confident in her new role.  

She attributes a large part of her success to her team – she happily mentions that during her time as supervisor, they’ve often closed out payroll early. During a recent transition where LGC acquired Shiftgig’s book of business, her team stepped up to the challenge of timekeeping adjustments and the addition of new territories to manage. Taylor plans on continuing to train and educate her team so that when it’s time for her next move, they can take over. 

When this ambitious 25-year-old isn’t managing payroll for over 35 cities, she’s spending time with her fiancé, son, and their four pets. She’s passionate about those around her and the work she does. Though her success comes from her drive and perseverance, she also thanks LGC for the opportunity; “It’s been rewarding, honestly,” she says. It’s amazing what you can do here.” 

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