This May, LGC celebrates its 20th anniversary in the staffing industry. But not only is it a celebration for our business, but it’s also a celebration for our Indianapolis office. LGC Indianapolis is our flagship office and continues to help drive LGC’s success to this day.  

In this employee spotlight you’ll meet Elias Valdivia, Senior Branch Manager of LGC Indianapolis. He’s an LGC veteran who’s been with LGC for 13 years this July. Get to know him below and his journey with us throughout the years.  

Meet Elias Valdivia

The beginning

Though now an Indiana resident, Elias was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. He came from a close family and was one of seven siblings. Before joining LGC, he worked for another temp agency in Indiana as a housekeeper. Having this experience in the hospitality industry would come in handy later on in his career with LGC. 

Enter Kim McGuire. Kim joined LGC in 2009 and is now a Regional Vice President, overseeing the Indianapolis office. She happened to stop by the hotel Elias was working at and spoke to him about opportunities with LGC. Soon after getting in contact with Kim, he made the decision to take her advice and start working for LGC. 

Joining LGC

He first started out in room service. Eventually Kim asked Elias if he was interested in working in the LGC office as a receptionist. Elias was nervous because he had never done anything like that before. Kim assured him they would help him learn. Elias took the job and soon enough, Kim was asking him to come to sales meetings.  

Elias was learning more and more the longer he worked with LGC. After encountering an angry client, he learned the importance of confidence and speaking with authority. He was then promoted to an Assistant Staffing Manager and after only two months was promoted as Staffing Manager. Elias was thrilled at the opportunity and credits Kim for challenging him and helping him get into this role. 

What he’s learned

Elias thinks the reason he was promoted so quickly was due to him “getting out of his comfort zone.” The more he talked to different people, the better he got at it. He believes in going above and beyond for his clients. Elias shared a story of when he got a last-minute call from a client, needing some jobs filled. He found people to fill the job, but they needed a ride to the site. Elias picked them up and drove them to the job. 

Working for LGC has taught him the importance of treating your employees well. “You want your employees to trust you, you must earn their trust. I don’t want my employees to see me only as their boss.”


Elias shares advice for others working in a temp position that would like to eventually move up: “You must get out of your comfort zone; you can do more than you think. Even if you don’t speak great English, don’t let that stop you.” He talks about the importance of taking chances and trying something new. He also emphasizes how your coworkers are vital to your growth.  

We asked Elias, why LGC? He spoke about how fast LGC is growing. How he’s been given a lot of opportunities to grow and equip himself with the tools he needs. Elias also said he has stayed with LGC because he enjoys being there for the Hispanic community; he has gotten to meet (and help!) a lot of people through working at LGC.  

Elias ends with a few words of wisdom. “Be yourself, trust yourself and keep good relationships with your clients. They will remember you.”