The past 12 months have been a transformative year for LGC. We’ve been fortunate to launch three new staffing divisions to better accommodate the range of requests we receive from our clients. In this article you’ll learn about ConcessionStaff and meet Jaime, the Executive VP.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been profiling these incredible individuals so you can learn more about them and the division they lead. You’ve had a chance to meet Jennifer, the VP of MarketStaff. Then we learned about Damien, a 30+ year environmental industry veteran overseeing EnviroStaff. To finish off this three-part series we’re talking to Jaime Horning, Executive VP of ConcessionStaff – who celebrates her 16-year anniversary with LGC this month! Learn how ConcessionStaff can simplify event staffing for clients and finding great gigs for candidates below.

About Jaime 

Jaime was one of the initial key hires in the first few years after LGC’s inception. She’s been integral in building several of our offices from the ground up and growing them into the impactful markets they are today.   

In September 2021 Jaime helped launch ConcessionStaff to better manage/fulfill our facility and event staffing clients located across the country. With the help of her team, ConcessionStaff has continued to grow over the past 8 months and prove itself as a worthy competitor in the facility staffing space.   

About ConcessionStaff 

What sets ConcessionStaff apart from its’ competitors? 

We aim to impress our customers with every opportunity we’re given. This ranges from the quality of our staff, our hiring process, most importantly the ability of our internal team. We aim to go above and beyond to help our clients and provide them with transparent information on where we are in our staffing and recruitment process. I always promise our customers that I can guarantee our team members will be available to them. 

If you were to pitch ConcessionStaff services to your goal client but only had 30 seconds, how would you do it? 

With our fun facts about our company. And I’m always sure to tell them our hiring stats. Our results speak for themselves. 

What do you think is a key factor in the hiring challenges we’re seeing right now? 

We are seeing the trend of the “Now Generation”. Time is of the essence. We act with urgency and try to place our workers as quickly as possible. We see way more success when treating every worker placement with urgency once they are hired. 

Are there benefits for candidates who work with ConcessionStaff? If so, what are they? 

Our employees can work at major events and amazing venues in their city. Also, they can see everything we have available within a 60-mile range within their location in case they want to expand their shift opportunities. Employees love to see what’s available for them to work. 

What were some of the challenges you’ve experienced with ConcessionStaff? What about wins? 

The biggest challenge was creating a team of remote recruiters to work together but not in the same office space. Typically, our teams work together in the same physical space. With ConcessionStaff we work in 7 different cities to operate nationwide. We were able to create a great “office type” atmosphere and have team bonding without working in the same place. It was a challenge but I’m very happy with the result. 

As a leader, what’s one of the most important aspects of running your team? 

When running my teams, I’m always sure to be the leader in sales. If I bring new clients to the divisions and offices that I run, it keeps everyone busy and creates a fun atmosphere. It helps that I start the “turning of the wheel,” then it’s up to them to make the wheel go full circle until the client is billing. I’ll make sure we see it through to the end to ensure the client gets the assistance they need. 


Looking for a great side gig in exciting locations? Need help with event staffing? Reach out to ConcessionStaff today so we can provide hands-on staffing assistance.