Do you listen to music while at work? Lots of people do – is there a reason behind it? And what’s the best type of music to listen to at work?

Making music has been around since the beginning of mankind. Music makes everything feel more lively. Parties, restaurants, department stores – even elevators have music playing. Why do humans enjoy music so much?

Listening to music engages the reward system. The experience of intensely pleasurable music can cause dopamine release. Another reason music can be so powerful is its positive impact on productivity because it can boost concentration, mindset, and performance. Below are some of the best types of music to listen to while at work: 

4 Types of Music to Listen to at Work


This genre is obvious, but for good reason! Listening to classical music has a number of benefits. The Hylton Performing Arts Center claims listening to classical music helps reduce blood pressure and stress, has healing properties, and boots your brain activity. This is due to the amount of dopamine that is released to the brain. People who listen to classical music retain information better and are less likely to experience memory loss. Which makes classical music a great genre to listen to at work.  

Lo-fi beats 

Lo-fi stands for low-fidelity. It’s recorded with intentional imperfections. Lo-fi beats consist of instrumental, jazz, and electro beats. The perfect music to relax or to have on in the background. Like classical music, lo-fi beats have brain activating power. If classical isn’t your thing you can vibe with some lo-fi.  

Pump up songs 

If lyrics are your thing, then this is for you! What better way to go through your day with songs that make you feel good. Sometimes coffee isn’t enough and you need something to make you bob your head and maybe snap your fingers. Listening to “pump up” music can also make you feel powerful and in control. There’s a reason athletes listen to these songs to get them in the right mindset for a game.  

Fantasy music 

You can find a lot of fantasy music in video games. Video games take a lot of focus,  you have to look out for bad guys and unexpected traps, and make it to the next level. The music selection is picked out strategically for you to focus. Same can be done for work. Fantasy music is intense and dramatic. The effect of the fantasy music is to zone you into your work, check off different tasks to go to the next, like in a video game.  

All the above are great types of music to listen to at work. Of course we weren’t going to end this without giving you a playlist! Click this link to hear all the different genres talked about in this blog. We hope it helps you have a great, productive week!

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