LGC is excited to announce the launch of our new worker guide! Navigate will focus on providing workers with the advice and resources they need to find their way in the current job market.

Introducing Navigate: A Workers Guide to the Job Market

Since 2003, LGC has worked with thousands of workers around the country to connect them with employment opportunities. With this understanding, we wanted to create a resource guide for job seekers to better help them navigate (see what we did there?) the job market.  

We also know that the pandemic made a huge impact on the employment landscape. Thousands of people are still getting back to work and trying to find the job that’s right for them. And going about finding a new job or career without help can be challenging. Our goal with Navigate is to provide guidance on relevant topics to better maneuver the current employment environment. 

The first issue of this biyearly publication specifically focuses on the post-pandemic job market; including financial planning, updating your resume, and more. We hope you check it out and find it useful as you navigate your own career goals. Don’t forget to subscribe to the LGC blog so you can stay up to date on future articles including issue #2 of Navigate later this year.

About LGC
LGC partners with businesses around the country to connect them with job seekers who are looking for temporary employment opportunities. Our range of solutions can accommodate a variety of staffing needs, ranging from covering call offs to placing permanent, full-time team members. Contact us today to learn how we can support your hiring efforts.