A catering job can be a really fun way to earn extra cash. You get to meet new people and have a part in making the event a success.

After searching through catering job opportunities and choosing the best one for your needs, you’ll want to make a great impression from the start. You might be a little embarrassed to pepper your supervisor with questions on the first day, but they’ll think nothing of it. In fact, they’ll be pleased with your initiative, because you won’t learn anything if you don’t speak up.

Get a strong start to your new catering job by asking your supervisor these four questions:

4 Questions to Prep You for Your First Catering Job

What does it take to succeed in this role?

It’s hard to do great work if you don’t know exactly how that’s defined. You might be considered a superstar employee just for showing up to work on time in a clean uniform or you might need to show some serious initiative. Find out now what you need to do to become the catering team MVP, so you don’t waste time on actions not valued by your boss.

What obstacles do team members commonly face?

Every job has its hurdles, so find out what you’re getting into. If you’re aware of common difficulties faced by employees, you can plan ahead to ease their impact or maybe even avoid them all together. Dig a little deeper to find out what causes these complications, so you can learn from the mistakes of others.

What types of decisions should I make on my own and what should I consult you about?

Stepping on the boss’s toes is never a good idea, but being too needy won’t earn you any points either. This question shows respect to your supervisor from the beginning, and that won’t go unnoticed.

How will my performance be evaluated?

Chances are, your first review won’t come for awhile, but it’s always smart to be prepared. Your supervisor will be impressed with your desire to receive a good review, and advance knowledge of how you’ll be assessed gets the two of you on the same page from the get-go.

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