If you’re the newest team member at a hotel, you may be wondering how to get closer to your coworkers and make friends. After all, working with people you like can make your job that much more enjoyable.

Being the newest team member at a hotel is nerve-wracking for a number of reasons, including the fact that you don’t have anyone in your corner. It’s hard to be the new person on staff, because everyone else already knows one another. Befriending your new colleagues will make work much more enjoyable, so follow these five tips to establish a bond.

Are You the Newest Team Member at a Hotel? Here’s 5 Ways to Make Friends

Introduce yourself

Sitting around waiting for your new colleagues to introduce themselves could take awhile, so step up to the plate. When you spot an unfamiliar face in uniform around the hotel or in the break room, take a second to introduce yourself. You might not remember everyone’s name again on the first try, but it’s the thought that counts.

Show interest

People love talking about themselves, so get to know your peers by asking questions. Find out what they do at the hotel, how long they’ve worked there and anything else you feel is appropriate. Most people will continue the conversation by turning the tables and asking questions to learn more about you.

Pay sincere compliments

Flattery will get you everywhere, so if you notice one of your colleagues got a great new haircut or did an awesome job handling a less-than-friendly customer, speak up. This is a great way to start a conversation and show that you’re a really nice person. Just make sure the compliment is genuine, because you don’t want to appear insincere.

Lend a helping hand

Being an amazing team member is a savvy way to make friends. If you notice a colleague in a jam that you can help with, offer to pitch in. Many people — even colleagues they’re friends with — wouldn’t stop to assist, so this will definitely put in you their good graces.

Be social

If you’re the newest team member at a hotel and your peers ask you to grab a quick bite at lunch or get a drink with the group after work, accept the invitation. Hanging out with your colleagues outside the confines of the hotel allows everyone to relax and bond. Many of your peers probably spend time together outside of work, so if you continuously refuse their invites, they will take it personally.