It’s the New Year, let’s start preparing for success.

Seeking assistance from hospitality employment agencies is a savvy way to get ahead, but more on that in a bit. You deserve a job that makes you truly happy, so find out what you need to do right now to make it happen.

Preparing for Success in 2018 – How to Land Your Next Job
Start Searching Now

There’s a common misconception that employers don’t hire during the holiday season, but that simply isn’t true. Many companies want to hit the ground running with a full staff at the beginning of January, so they’re working to fill openings now. If you wait to start your search for the new year, many of these opportunities will already be off the market.

Make Networking a Priority

Employers put a lot of weight into personal connections because hiring decisions carry a lot of weight. Your job application is much more likely to be considered if it comes with a referral from someone the hiring manager knows and trusts, so get your name out there. Let your existing connections know you’re interested in new opportunities and attend networking events to expand your reach.

Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

It might seem harmless, but your social media accounts can keep you from getting hired. An overwhelming 70% of employers use social sites to screen candidates, according to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey. Digging a little deeper, survey results also revealed that 54% of employers have found content on social sites that made them decide not to hire a candidate. The most common offenses included posting provocative or inappropriate material, content about drinking or using drugs and discriminatory comments about race, gender or religion, so make sure your profiles portray you as a consummate professional.

Take on a Staffing Partner

As noted above, working with a staffing partner is an excellent way to find a competitive opportunity that meets your needs. Recruiters have access to jobs that aren’t posted publicly, so if you’re not connected to them, you’ll never even know these positions exist. Plus, they’ll also help polish your resume, prepare you for interviews and find jobs that align with your goals for the future. The best part is, you won’t pay a dime for these services, as they’re complementary to job seekers.

Preparing for success, and want to start 2018 with a fantastic new job? LGC Hospitality connects talented workers like you with top employers looking to fill flexible hospitality and tourism positions. Contact us today to start your search!