Alexander Graham Bell famously said that “preparation is the key to success.” In order to be prepared for your first day at a new job, knowing a few questions to ask your recruiter can be really helpful.

Congratulations, you got the job! You’re probably breathing a huge sigh of relief that the interview process is finally over — with the best possible outcome. Now it’s time to start preparing for your first day on the job.

While interviewing for the position, most of your questions were probably focused on the job itself. From the type of work you’ll be doing to the expectations you’ll face from your boss, most of your focus has been on making sure the position is a good fit. Since you’ve already covered the most important bases, now you need to turn your attention to successfully transitioning onto the team.

3 Questions to Ask Your Recruiter Before Your First Day at a New Job

Make a great impression from day one with these three questions to ask your recruiter prior to your first day of work, so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

What are my standard work hours?

Unlike many industries, hospitality doesn’t necessarily follow a standard 9am to 5pm schedule. You probably didn’t want to focus too much on work hours during the interview, but you have every right to know when you’ll be expected to work. Ask your recruiter whether you’ll follow a set schedule or if your hours will change on a weekly basis. If there’s certain days or times you can’t work, bring this to your recruiter’s attention now.

What is the dress code?

In some hospitality jobs, employees wear uniforms, but others are only expected to follow a dress code. You want to be outfitted appropriately on your first day of work, so have your recruiter find out what you should wear. If you need to wear a uniform, see if you’re expected to purchase it yourself or if it will be provided. The last thing you want is to be sent home to change clothes on your very first day.

What is the pay schedule?

Transitioning from one job to another can be a temporary financial strain — even if you’ll ultimately be earning more money — because you may have to shift to a different pay schedule. Ask your recruiter when you’ll be receiving your first paycheck and the frequency you can expect them to arrive in the future, so you can budget accordingly.

We hope you find these questions to ask your recruiter helpful! Want to land a fun job where you can learn valuable skills to add to your resume? LGC Hospitality is here to connect you with exclusive hospitality you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today to start building your bright future!