Navigating the job market can be really tough, especially when you do it alone. Fortunately, there are people – including recruiters – who are more than happy to share advice for job seekers to help make the process easier.

Are you one of the millions of Americans looking for a new job this year? According to a study by the American Staffing Association, half (48%) of employed adults are likely to find a new place of employment in 2020, with almost 40% going as far as to find a different career completely. With an estimated 6 million job openings last year, job seekers should feel like they have options when it comes to securing employment.

Despite the job market saturation and candidate interest, getting a job isn’t as easy as ‘apply and get hired.’ Finding a position that meets your needs and interests is a challenge in itselfThough it’s worth casting a wide net when filling out applications, it’s still important to only invest your time in positions you could actually see yourself working.  

With record low unemployment, businesses are hungry for great candidates to fill their open positions. Despite that fact, some job postings (I.e. corporate postings) can receive 250 resumes from applicants. Standing out amongst the crowd can be difficult, but to land that ideal job, it’s a requirement.  

LGC has been operating in the recruitment and staffing space for almost 20 years. Our team of recruiters have interacted with thousands of candidates applying for positions ranging from one-day temporary gigs to permanent jobs. Because of our experience with such a diverse applicant pool, we know a great resume when we see one.  

3 Recruiters Share Their Advice for Job Seekers

We sat down with recruiters from different staffing divisions in our company to ask their advice for job seekers. Here’s what they had to say:  

Name: Brooke
LGC employee since: 2018
Title: Corporate Recruitment Specialist
Bio: Brooke began with LGC as a Recruitment Specialist, focusing on recruiting for temporary positions in the hospitality industry. She has since been promoted to internal recruitment for our corporate office.  

“Recruiters sometimes look through hundreds of applications per day! Use these tips when creating and submitting your resume so you can really stand out:  

  • Include your full name and contact information so a recruiter can reach you. 
  • Begin your resume with your most recent position listed, followed by any positions you worked prior to that. 
  • Include accurate dates of employment for each position you’ve held. 
  • Provide a brief explanation for any large gaps on your resume lasting longer than 6 months.  
  • Thoroughly read over the job description to ensure that you’re applying to jobs you qualify for. 
  • Ask questions during the interview process – it lets us know that you’re interested in learning more!  
  • Dress professionally for the interview – present your best self to your potential employer.” 

Name: Courtney
LGC employee since: 2012
Title: Perm Market Manager
Bio: Courtney currently works in our Perm Division which handles direct hire placements for hospitality venues, including big name restaurants. He often places manager level employees.  

“The biggest piece of advice for job seekers searching for the next step in their career would be to provide concrete examples on their resume of black and white numbers that detail their past success. It’s all about selling yourself! If you instituted a policy that increased revenue by 3% or eliminated a practice that was costing your employer money, then put it on your resume! Most hiring managers look at tons of resumes every day when they are searching for their next hire. Concrete examples of improving the bottom line always stand out.” 


“The other thing I tell my candidates is to research the company they are trying to work with. Find out everything you can about the company’s history as well as their culture.  Memorize some facts about the company that you can bring up during the interview and apply your experience to what the company is all about. If you can find out some professional information on the person you will be interviewing with you get extra bonus points!” 

Name: Ross 
LGC employee since: 2018 
Title: Staffing Manager 
Bio: Ross was recently promoted to Staffing Manager in our Indianapolis office, where he interviews candidates and places them with available clients. Prior to this transition, he was a part of the recruitment team, screening hundreds of resumes per week.  

“Dress professionally. This may seem like basic advice for job seekers, but makes a big difference. When people come in in sweatpants and a plain t-shirt, it sends a bad message. I know applicants can’t always afford [more expensive items], but if you come in looking unprofessionally, then how can I expect you to be a professional with a client.” 


Ross goes on to say, “For resume’s, the main thing is highlighting certifications that you have (ServSafe, Food Handler’s Liquor License, etc.) The reason is, there may be a lot of positions available, but some require certain qualifications in order to be staffed for those positions. So when you have those types of certifications, it makes the interview a lot easier and allows us to know what we can staff you for.” 

Standing out amongst your competition is key when trying to land a new job. Not only should you let your strong technical skills shine, but your personality and interest in the position should stand out as well. Here are three key takeaways from our recruiters when asked about their advice for job seekers:  

Do your due diligence
When starting your search, pay close attention to job descriptions to make sure you’re applying for a position that matches your experience and interest –– that way you won’t waste anyone’s time. Once you’ve begun the interview phase, show you’re invested by doing research about the company. And don’t forget to have questions to ask. 

Be specific on your resume
The recruiters first impression is through your resume. Make sure you’re detailed about your experience, including any gaps in employment. By providing concrete examples of your success, recruiters will be able to see how you’ve been successful in your previous positions (and quantify it). This is probably our most crucial piece of advice for job seekers. 

Dress professionally 
When meeting in person for the first time, be sure to make a great impression by dressing for the job you want. HR and recruitment managers agree that it’s better to be over dressed rather than under. A great starting point is with a pair of dress pants/slacks and a nice shirt. Interviewers will notice that you put the extra effort in with your appearance. 

Searching for a new job can be a stressful, especially when you’re looking for that perfect position. By following the advice for job seekers from our seasoned recruiters, employers will take notice and know you’re the right fit for the job.  


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