As a hospitality or foodservice worker, the restaurant work shoes are important for working a safe and successful shift. In fact, many jobs (including LGC) require employees to have specific work shoes to help reduce the chance of falling while on the job. But knowing where to buy restaurant work shoes can be challenging if you’ve never done it before. In this article, we’ll lay out where to buy restaurant work shoes and what exactly they are. 

What are restaurant work shoes?  

More commonly known as “non-slip” or “slip-resistant”, these shoes are a special type of safety footwear designed to prevent its’ wearer from slipping or falling on slick surfaces. What differentiates them from classic shoes or sneakers is their rubber sole that allows for better grip. Slip-resistant shoes also tend to provide better arch support and padding to make those long days on your feet a bit more comfortable.  

Why are they important? 

An accident on a shift caused by a slip or fall can keep you out of work for an extended period and in worse case, cause long-term damage. Not only that, but employers in hospitality and foodservice require them to work in most positions. Other industries like healthcare and general labor may require these as well.  

Where can I buy restaurant work shoes? 

There are several places you can purchase non-slips, especially online. Below, we’ll outline some options for where you can buy restaurant work shoes.  

  • Shoes for Crews – This is one of the most popular places hospitality professionals purchase their slip resistant shoes. Although they can be more expensive, they’re a great option for a shoe that lasts longer than a less expensive option. They offer an ‘under $50’ section as well as a variety of styles.  
  • Payless – Yes, your trusted Payless carries slip resistant shoes! Safe-T-Step is a non-slip shoe brand that carries multiple styles for a more cost-effective price.  
  • Amazon – Amazon carries a selection of safety non-slip shoes that include Shoes for Crews, Safe-T-Step’s, Crocs, and more. But it’s important to be thorough when researching these options because some are “slip on” rather than “non-slip”, which means they easily slip onto the foot. Make sure the shoes you’re looking at have the rubber bottoms and say slip resistant or non-slip before purchasing. This is a good option for people who want to compare prices for a few different brands.  
  • Famous Footwear – Famous Footwear has a great selection of slip resistant brands that range in price and style. Plus, they have over 1,000 stores nationwide in case you need to grab a pair last minute.  

When looking for a great pair of restaurant work shoes, keep these two things in mind: the outer sole of the shoe should be made of a sturdy, yet lightweight rubber and the name/brand should have non-slip or slip resistant in the name. By finding a trusty pair of restaurant work shoes, you can stay safe to get the job done.