You’ve just been invited to a room attendant interview for a job you’re really excited about, so it’s time to start preparing. In addition to crafting responses to common interview questions, making a list of references and mapping the quickest route to the hotel, you need to determine what you’ll wear to the meeting.

Is a Shirt and Tie Necessary for a Room Attendant Interview?

If you think you can just waltz in and get the job wearing jeans, sweats or a casual sundress, you are sorely mistaken. To be taken seriously, you need to command respect by dressing like a professional. Men should wear a shirt and tie and ladies should wear dress pants and a nice blouse or a business-appropriate skirt or dress. There’s no exception to these standards, so if you don’t have the appropriate attire, go shopping prior to your interview or borrow an outfit from a friend.

Reasons to Dress-to-Impress for Your Room Attendant Interview

Make a great first impression

Appearance plays a huge role in making a fantastic first impression. The hiring manager wants to know you’re serious about the room attendant position at their property, so if you show up looking disheveled, you send the message you don’t care whether you get the job or not.

Display professionalism

Working as a room attendant requires a huge amount of professionalism, so the employer wants to know you have what it takes. Dressing up for a job interview shows you understand the importance of maintaining a perfectly polished presence in the workplace.

Show your fit for the job

Cleanliness is central the job of a room attendant, so if you have low standards for your own appearance, the hiring manager will assume you’ll apply the same energy to your work. A dirty room can turn a customer away from a property forever, so employers need to be completely certain all room attendants have a deep appreciation for a polished look — starting with wearing appropriate attire to your room attendant interview.