Many people seek a sports job during the season as a way to earn extra cash, but yours means a lot more than a paycheck. You can’t wait to get to work each day, because you truly enjoy everything about the position and having a sports job.

This sports job is where you want to be all year, not just during the season. Now that you’ve realized this, it’s time to get a permanent spot on the starting lineup.

4 Ways to Turn Your Seasonal Sports Job Into Permanent Employment

Make Your Intentions Clear

As soon as you decide you want to stay in the job, let your recruiter know what you’re thinking. They can check with your employer to find out if bringing you on full time is a possibility. If so, your recruiter will find out what you would need to do to be considered for the job.

Try not to get discouraged if you learn the position isn’t currently available on a permanent basis. If the employer decides to change this in the future, they’ll know who to call, but in the meantime, now that you know where you’re headed, your recruiter can help you find a similar job elsewhere.

Go the Extra Mile

Prove you’ll be an asset to the team on a permanent basis by giving the job your all. Arrive early for your shift, stay late if asked and pitch in wherever you’re needed. If you’re willing to be flexible and always game to lend a helping hand, you will be noticed by management. A can do attitude like that will make you invaluable, increasing your changes of getting that job offer.

Follow the Rules

In a professional setting, rules are made to be followed. Prove you’re a responsible employee who respects authority by adhering to all company policies and procedures. Be punctual, arrive to your shift in a neat and clean uniform, stay off your phone when on the clock and remember the customer is always right.

Bond With Your Peers

When deciding whether or not to bring you on permanently, your manager will carefully note your interactions with the team. If you get along with your colleagues, your chances of getting hired will increase exponentially. Strengthen your bond with colleagues by accepting invitations to get a drink after work or hang out and watch the game together on your day off.

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